Monday 12 May 2014

BOTW - WEEK 52 {Wattpad}

Author: EvilGhost
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Wattpad Book Blurb:
It wasn't her demon, but soul, searching for freedom within.

It wasn't in her hands.

It was his lust that turned into love.

It was his promise that he broke.

And it was her turn to avenge the death that the broken promise brought.

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Shut Up And Drive
Author: DiceFab
Genre: Adventure / Romance

Wattpad Book Blurb:
"I'm a criminal do I care nope I steal car part's and fix them but the best part of my job I drive them. I been arrested for steeling cars and other stuff but I could give a crap"

Flame Crúz well she's a speeder she drives for attention, but as well to make money who wouldn't want to be that, right? Flame has no idea what she's getting herself into after she meets a guy name Vance Mac.

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First Kiss & Broken Promises
Author: Neerunni
Genre: Teen Romance

Wattpad Book Blurb:
First Kiss can be earth-shattering and so can ‘broken promises’, especially when both are sealed and delivered by the one who has held your heart in the palms of his hands since the day you turned a teen.

Seventeen year old Divya Narayan is a high-spirited young girl with an adventurous streak in her, who doesn’t think twice before taking a risk. She learns very early in life that broken promises by ones you love equals a broken heart. So she makes two promises – Never to fall in love and never to break a promise.

One fateful night four years ago, Aryan Diaz not only broke Divya's heart but also her trust and their unique bond of friendship. When the charming heart-breaker returns next door to Divya, he holds more than a key to her locked heart; he has answers that can set her free to break the promises she made.

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Category X
Author: CT_Hill
Genre: Sci-fi / Mystery / Thriller

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Evan and Alexander make a disastrous discovery, but instead of using the compound for the benefit of the world, they move to release the pathogen; the very pathogen to which they have the only cure.

When Special Agent Olivia Frey is given the case of her career, it does not take long for her to realize that what she is investigating is no ordinary murder, but something that will be forever etched in history.

The world takes a breath as it realizes its greatest catastrophe, as the gift of reproduction is snatched right from humanity's hands.

Category X means that the world will change.

Will you survive?

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Every Day In May
Author: Amberkbryant
Genre: Teen Fantasy

Wattpad Book Blurb:
"You are a secret kept from the world, but not from me." So begins the peculiar message found slipped under a bedroom door on the morning of May first.

Theo is the heir to a powerful dictatorship.  The number of people allowed to know he exists is few.  He has spent his entire life walled up in the Tower, the looming stone monolith from which his father rules over the Land.

Merryn is the daughter of political prisoners.  She’s known who Theo is longer than he would think possible, and she is taking a great risk contacting him via handwritten notes in order to convince him he deserves more than the fate his father has designed for him.

She has one month to exchange daily messages with him, to answer his questions and open his eyes to the realities of a world he has never been allowed to see.  A transformation is coming to the Land at the end of the month, and if Merryn’s notes fail to get their point across, Theo may never live to see the sunrise on June first.

Author’s note: During the month of May, you will have the opportunity to read the notes Merryn leaves for Theo.  Theo is allowed to write down a question for her each evening, but you, the reader, won’t see these (at least not right away).  It may or may not be obvious from Merryn’s response what Theo’s question is, so if you’re still curious, I will post a list of everything Theo has asked her in an afterword the day after their story concludes.

This project is called Every Day in May.  With that said, it probably won’t be too big of a surprise to hear that updates will occur daily from May 1st to May 31st so that you can follow “in real time” as the events in the story play out.

Now, without further ado—I believe a young heir is about to unfold a slip of paper found on the tile floor near his door… Let’s see what it says!

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