Tuesday 31 March 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Priestess of Storms & Stone by Annie Anderson

Priestess of Storms & Stone
(Rogue Ethereal #5)
Author: Annie Anderson
Publication Date: March 31st, 2020
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy

Book Description:
If there is one lesson I’ve been taught in my life, it’s that fairies are the absolute worst.

Finding a fledgling succubus in Faerie is like locating a needle inside a realm-sized haystack. With a guide I can’t trust and a goal more ephemeral than smoke, my odds of success are tenuous at best. Not to mention, as the last Elemental in existence, I have a giant target painted on my back.

Because one half of Faerie wants me dead, and the other half wants to use me as a sacrifice to open the gates to Earth. But I swore I would find my quarry, and I will. Even if I have to rip the entire realm apart to do it.

There is a storm coming to Faerie, and that storm is me.

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Sunday 29 March 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Keep Forever by Alexa Kingaard

Keep Forever
Author: Alexa Kingaard
Published by: Acorn Publishing
Publication Date: March 28th, 2020
Genre: Historical Romance / Women’s Fiction

Book Description:
“Unlike some war stories that focus on intense, harsh and graphic depictions of post-combat trauma, this tale unfolds gently, like an Edna Ferber novel, spread across many decades, detailing the impact this soldier’s illness has on an entire family, including children and grandchildren. KEEP FOREVER is a wonderful, emotionally satisfying read that I highly recommend. ”

GARY SEIGEL, author of “Haskell Himself”

Paul O’Brien’s idyllic childhood in Southern California comes to a halt when his mother dies in the summer before his senior year of high school and a very different persona of his father emerges – isolating himself inside the house, turning to alcohol for comfort, and barely noticing his only child. Simultaneously, the war in Vietnam is sending shock waves around the world and young men from one coast to the other are being called upon to serve. Paul enlists in the Marines before receiving his draft notice.

Elizabeth Sutton is eager to gain some independence from her father’s old fashioned notions and looking forward to her first year in high school.  At fifteen years old, tragedy strikes with the loss of both parents in an auto accident, turning her childhood into one of responsibility and worry overnight.  The four siblings are scattered when her nine-year-old twin sisters are sent to live with their Aunt and Uncle on Nantucket Island, and Elizabeth is left behind in Boston with their grandmother.  Her older brother, Sam, enlists in the Marines, eager to join the conflict a world away as opposed to dealing with the one unfolding at home.

A bond develops between Paul and Sam in Vietnam, and both are injured in a bloody battle that costs Sam his right hand and sets the stage for a lifetime of nightmares and sleepless nights for Paul.  Matched by similar tragedies at a young age, Elizabeth and Paul’s first introduction by Sam upon their return from Vietnam is the beginning of friendship and love that survives five decades.

After marrying, welcoming their first child, and inheriting a small beach house, the couple adapts to their new surroundings, but distant memories of Vietnam continue to haunt Paul.  In an era when veterans refuse to speak of their pain and the government denies that thousands of soldiers are coming home irreparably damaged, he is left to deal with the challenge of caring for his loved ones amidst his his erratic flashback episodes and moods. As their lives unravel from the lingering effects of PTSD,  Elizabeth learns to accept the burden that Paul brought home, and together they make their own memories to keep forever.

A True Story

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Friday 27 March 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway - By Blood and Magic by Jamie A. Waters

By Blood and Magic
(The Dragon Portal #2)
Author: Jamie A. Waters
Publication Date: March 26th, 2020
Genre: Fantasy

Book Description:
A priceless treasure is hidden within the ocean’s depths…

Sabine barely managed to escape from Akros with her life.

But the ocean isn’t safe for someone whose power stems from the forests.

When their ship is attacked on the high seas and one of Sabine’s companions is taken hostage, only an agreement forged by blood and magic may save her friend’s life.

The pearl of the sea is also the key to the gods’ revenge…

With the dragon portal failing and the gods’ magic threatening to destroy their world, Sabine must choose between following her heart or upholding a sacred oath.

The cost of ending a centuries-old feud may be higher than anyone expected.

All magic demands a sacrifice–even if it’s hers.

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Tuesday 24 March 2020

Cover Reveal - Nightmasters by Loran Holt

(Nightmasters, #1)
Author: Loran Holt
Published by: Acorn Publishing
Publication Date: June 30th, 2020
Genre: MG Fantasy

Book Description:
Kelgan Defthand is used to being top dog at the Academy of Magic where he is Senior Apprentice Mage. Compared to his peers, he’s faster, more skillful, and well aware of it, but when he finds himself beset by fearful voices that come in the night, his confidence is shaken.

Adding to his worries, Kelgan is summoned to the headmaster, Sargal’s presence; it looks like he’s really in trouble. But to his bewilderment, he finds he’s being sent on a “mission” with two very hostile-seeming aristocratic twins, Neroma and Nevander Di Nerrill.

Upon embarking on this mission with the twins, Kelgan soon realizes the world outside the cloistered Academy is a bit different than he imagined. First of all, there seems to be women doing magic! Secondly, he’s not the only one hearing voices.

Following a strange compulsion, Kelgan and the Di Nerrills find themselves seeking out the source of the voices, hoping to put an end to it.

The fateful journey tests Kelgan’s underdeveloped skills to the limit, and could come at an unbearable cost to both to him and his companions. Once Kelgan accepts the challenge of Magehood, there’s no going back.

About the Author
Recently retired from a job as a University Professor, and looking for diversion in sunny Southern California, Loran Holt did what any Southern Californian does – took up writing, of course. Feeling that sword-and-sorcery suited her personality admirably, she set her sights on that genre. Nightmasters is the result and her first published work of fiction, but she is already the published author of two books on the Silent Film era, with a third on the way.

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Sunday 22 March 2020

BOOK REVIEW: The Rebound by Lynn Stevens

The Rebound
Author: Lynn Stevens
Genre: YA Contemporary Sports Romance
Publication Date: 9th December 2019

Book Summary:
Rachel Westbrook has it all: looks, money, prestige. What she doesn't have is a good reputation.

She's tired of being the rebound girl.

When her friend Vicky proposes a blind-ish date with Adam Marshall, Rachel thinks she might actually have a chance to turn things around. Then she sees Adam checking out his ex-girlfriend Heather. She knows how to play this game. She’s played it before.

But Adam doesn't want Rachel to be just his ruse to get over his ex, he wants to help Rachel change her reputation. They make a deal to fake a relationship until they can both move on.

Now Rachel’s falling for an unavailable guy. She focuses on her three-person basketball team to keep her sane as they prepare for a tournament they need to win. Except Adam’s on her mind more than he should be.

Adam opens up to her, and she’s not sure if it’s authentic or all part of the game. When tragedy strikes, can she turn to him for a shoulder to cry on? Or would that only lead to more heartache?

As Rachel discovers things aren’t always what they seem, she has to figure out if what she has with Adam is legit or if she really is just another rebound.

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After being set up on a blind date, Rachel and Adam come to an agreement to scratch each other's backs. The agreement: they pretend to be in a relationship in a bid for Rachel to rid her bad reputation and Adam to get over his ex-girfriend, Heather. Sounds straight forward enough. However, when feelings start to complicate their relationship, it soon starts to become difficult to distinguish between what's genuine and what's just part of the game.

Rachel is known for being the rebound girl and is tired of her bad reputation. Adam needs a distraction to get over his ex, Heather. The two concoct a plan to help rid Rachel of her reputation and help Adam get over Heather. What could go wrong? Well, in terms of plot development and characterization, a lot. I found the story very predictable, which I had expected it to be, but I had hoped for more depth to the characters and for it not to drag on for so long. The book wasn't long, but in terms of the plot actually kicking off and taking us on a journey, it took too long to get anywhere. I was waiting for something significant to happen or for Rachel to do something that would throw the story in a different direction. For the majority of the story, it was all about Rachel trying to convince herself that she didn't have strong feelings for Adam and failing miserably. I was looking forward to the sport aspect of the story, but it was marred by a seemingly unrequited love - or lust, at best.

My feelings towards the story got off to a rocky start and improved only slightly towards the end in the sense that the main character became a little more likeable and tolerable, so she did go through somewhat of a change from start to finish, and she became a little more relatable. Rachel for the most part was unlikeable. I couldn't relate to her, but I did sympathize with her in some instances, particularly in the incident surrounding her mother's absence in her life and the way her feelings are neglected by her father, who's away from the home for days at a time for work-related reasons. Although I didn't like Rachel, I will say that the author portrayed her well as a privileged, judgmental person putting on a facade when deep down inside she's a broken person looking for someone to love her. Adam's portrayal was much less desirable. We didn't really get to know much about him, thus he was merely eye candy for Rachel, serving not much purpose and not adding much to plot development. Having said that, it wasn't the characters or the inability to connect with them that made me not enjoy this book; it was the story. I was searching for something that made me want to find out more and something that would make me want to delve deeper into the plot. Take Rachel's father's assistant, Angela, for instance. Angela played a pivotal role in the story, her actions having had a major effect on Rachel, which took her life on a course that caused a separation between her and her mother, yet we didn't know anything about Angela. Her presence was so minuscule that the interaction between her and Rachel that took place after the big reveal was ineffective.

I didn't have any expectations to begin with, however, I had hoped for more engaging characters and a plot with a little more purpose. The Rebound has the hallmarks of being a good book with a meaningful and intriguing storyline, but it needs editing to fill the void that is causing that feeling of emptiness.


Award: Bronze
Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

Thursday 19 March 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Phoenix by Amanda McKinney

(Steele Shadows Rising)
Author: Amanda McKinney
Publication Date: March 19th, 2020
Genre: Adult Romance / Suspense

Book Description:
From bestselling and multi-award-winning author Amanda McKinney comes a **standalone** romance in the bestselling Steele Shadows series.

A man who cheated death.

A woman hired to pick up the broken pieces.

And an obsession strong enough to kill for.

They told him he’d been given a second chance at life. Told him to count his lucky stars, to stop and smell the roses. Kind of hard to do when your body is bound by chains and cuffs. That’s what it felt like, anyway, when Phoenix Steele woke up from his coma to a life full of restrictions. Once known around town as the fearless, indomitable heir to the Steele fortune, the former Marine was suddenly labeled unstable, short-tempered, and loose cannon. Unwilling to accept his issues, Phoenix instantly clashes with his assertive therapist—the town’s most eligible bachelorette.

No one knew overcoming the odds like Dr. Rose Floris. Determined not to be a statistic, Rose lived her life under carefully constructed routines—until a gruesome murder and a series of mysterious events reveal she’s become the center of a madman’s obsession. Suddenly, Rose’s world is turned upside down and she finds herself under the watchful eye of her new client, a broken man she’s been warned not to trust.

As the tables begin to turn on their client-patient relationship, Phoenix realizes he must battle his own demons before he can save anyone, including the woman who’s become his own obsession…

An obsession he’d kill for.

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Tuesday 17 March 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Hush of Storm & Sorrow by L. Penelope

Hush of Storm & Sorrow
(Earthsinger Chronicles, #2.5)
Author: L. Penelope
Publication Date: March 16th, 2020
Genre: Adult Fantasy

Book Description:
While battling a vicious winter storm, Roshon ol-Sarifor, along with his father and twin brother are kidnapped and thrust on a journey that takes them far from home—leaving his sister Jasminda believing them dead. Their captors claim that the Queen Who Sleeps is behind their abduction—She wants them to reclaim a magical object hidden in a deadly part of the ocean. But a violent encounter with a gang of pirates forces the ol-Sarifors to seek refuge on a smuggler’s ship, where Roshon meets a girl unlike any he’s encountered before.

Ani Summerhawk never met a risk she didn’t take. But with a price on her head, she and her older brother need to make a quick getaway from a deal gone bad. Every ship in the sea is seeking the reward for returning her to a ruthless captain who believes she’s his property. But when her brother agrees to transport three passengers to a dangerous destination, Ani’s heart is put on the line for the first time.

The two families battle a treacherous sea, greedy sailors, and a powerful mage as they struggle to retrieve and secure the ancient artifact. And the attraction between a high-spirited girl and a cautious boy comes to a head when they discover that their biggest fight just might be with each other.

Set two years before the events of Song of Blood & Stone, this action-packed novella answers the question of what happened to Jasminda’s family and sets the stage for the events in Cry of Metal & Bone (Earthsinger Chronicles, book 3).

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Monday 16 March 2020

BOOK REVIEW: Moore Zombies by Wendy Knuth

Moore Zombies: Gimme Noodle
Author: Wendy Knuth
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publication Date: 29th July 2015

Book Description:
Baby Zom is hungry! When the Moore zombies go see their Mombie about dinner plans, she suggests they take the Moorevette out for some noodle. Broheimer, Gothina, and Kamper drive their little sister out for an adventure through the countryside. The kids have to make a quick stop along the way, where they are seen by humans. Baby Zom is afraid, but her siblings know just what to do. Grab a bottle of ketchup and see what ends up on the dinner table!!

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Another adventure out into the world with the Moore family as they head to their grandmother's house for dinner. This is the second book I have read in this zombie series, and again, it was a good read. I loved the illustrations and the fun activities the family partook in as they tried to acclimate to the world of the living. Again, the author explores some important themes and messages such as acceptance and learning how to deal with prejudices and how to appreciate different cultures. Like the first book I read, I still have a problem with the narration. I felt disconnected from the characters, thus I couldn't connect with them on an emotional level.

Overall, it was a good read with a good message.


Award: Silver
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
Source: Own copy

Moore Zombies: Zombie World
Author: Wendy Knuth
Genre: Children's Chapter Book
Publication Date: 2nd October 2015

Book Description:
Moore Zombies Chapter Book #2

Where can zombies mingle amongst humans without being detected? At Zombie World! The Moore zombie children are asked by their Pop to help out with some of the attractions. Gothina and Baby Zom dress up humans into zombies. Broheimer and Kamper give a tour of the Creepy Show. However, the kids soon realize they are being followed. When everyone gets together at the Brain Food Court, things turn up missing. Who is to blame, and what will be done about it? Find out at Zombie World!

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It has taken a while, but I'm finally starting to get into these Moore Zombies books, and I must say this one is by far my favourite one. It's full of fun and adventure, what the series has been promising ever since I came across it, and it finally feels as though the real fun has arrived. In this adventure, the Moore kids visit Zombie World, a place where they finally fit in and don't have to worry about being detected by humans. As the Moore kids go about helping out with the attractions, it soon becomes apparent that peoples items are going missing. Who is to blame? That's what the Moore kids plan to find out.

This book was enjoyable and full of intrigue. As this was a chapter book, there were only a few illustrations, at the start of each chapter, which was different to the previous two books I read. Strangely, I enjoyed it moore (pun intended) without the illustrations as it allowed me to focus on the story and allowed me to visualise the story more. I finally felt a connection with the characters, which, although long awaited, was so worth it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the mention of Dracula and Frankenstein. Although I was aware of the backstory, it was pleasant to read. It's a good addition for kids to learn about the classics that have helped shape the world of monsters as we know it today.


Award: Gold
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Source: Own copy

Sunday 15 March 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Image Adjuster by Lily Alexander

Image Adjuster
Author: Lily Alexander
Publication Date: March 11th, 2020
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
In Hollywood, image is everything.

Being part of a power couple can mean the difference between your star rising or being iced out of roles. No one ever said the relationship had to be real.

Stephanie, an actress and the daughter of Hollywood royalty has made a thriving business out of posing as a girlfriend to celebrities who need a bit of a PR boost. Everything is scripted and when the contract ends everyone goes their separate way.

No feelings, no risk, just acting.

Devon is just another client – no matter how handsome he might be, how compatible they seem. The arrangement works perfectly.  It’s all business. Definitely just business.

Unless it’s not.

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Thursday 12 March 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway - The Plan by Whitney Dineen

The Plan
(The Creek Water Series #3)
Author: Whitney Dineen
Publication Date: March 10th, 2020
Genre: Adult Comedy / Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
Bead shop owner Amelia Frothingham has been keeping a secret from everyone she knows.

She pretends to be the ultimate care-free bohemian chick, but the truth is, she’s the world’s biggest control freak. Much to the delight of her Southern family, Amelia’s life appears to be smooth sailing. That is, until bad boy rockstar Huck Wiley mysteriously blows into town like a spring tornado.

Like every other woman under eighty with a pulse, Amelia’s intrigued. So when Huck starts showing up in her shop with flirtation in mind, she finds herself getting sucked into the rock god vortex. But her previous attempts at long-distance love have always ended on a sour note, so Amelia has vowed never to repeat the experience.

What Amelia doesn’t know is that Huck has a secret of his own, and he has no intention of returning to Los Angeles before he’s good and ready.

Will Huck stay in town, scattering the beads Amelia has finally gotten sorted? Or will he head back to his glamorous life and take her last chance at spontaneity and love along with him?

Find out in this deliciously funny romcom about love and life in Creek Water, Missouri!

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Monday 9 March 2020

Aviary Anniversary Blitz & Giveaway - The Aviary by Emily Shore

The Aviary
(The Uncaged Series, #1)
Author: Emily Shore
Published by: Clean Teen Publishing
Publication Date: March 5th, 2019
Genre: YA Dystopian

Book Description:
“Gentlemen, we have a special treat for you today. Feast your eyes on this pure-blooded beauty!”

Sixteen-year-old Serenity has spent her entire life in hiding to protect her from this exact moment. In a world where beauty is bought and sold on the streets like a corporate commodity, Serenity’s natural assets are more like liabilities. Despite her parents’ best efforts, she’s been taken—ripped from her home and the only life she’s ever known—to find herself on sale to the highest bidder. And that bidder? Enigmatic and dangerous, Luc is the director of The Aviary—an elite museum where girls are displayed as living art by day…and cater to the lascivious whims of the highest bidder by night. In this elaborate and competitive world, girls go by names like Raven and Nightingale, and will stop at nothing to become top Bird.

Luc comes to idolize Serenity’s purity and aims to turn her into his grandest exhibit of all time—The Swan. In no time, she becomes one of the most coveted exhibits in Aviary history. When she discovers Luc holds the key to finding her parents, she must learn to play The Swan to perfection…to win his heart and earn his trust. But she doesn’t anticipate falling for him in the process. Now she faces an impossible choice: escape The Aviary and lose her only chance at finding her parents—or become Luc’s Swan for good and lose her identity forever.

The Jewel by Amy Ewing meets Tricks by Ellen Hopkins in this gritty Young Adult Dystopian that tells of a fear-inducing future where the world of sex trafficking has become a social norm and where woman aren’t treated as humans and are no safer than they were than they were in The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

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Saturday 7 March 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Fae Hunter by Sarah K.L. Wilson

Fae Hunter
(Tangled Fae #1)
Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson
Publication Date: December 11th, 2019
Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Description:
Think you know fae? Think again.

Our lives are nursery rhymes and faerie stories now, Allie.

When Allie Hunter’s twin sister steps through a magic circle into the Faerie realm, she opens the door to deadly fae, bent on causing havoc and harm to Allie’s village.

Rendered blind to all but the spirit world, Allie is frustrated and angry but determined to bring the fae down. No matter what that might cost her.

But in a world where lies are truth, power is sustenance, and every action ripples into violence, how can one mortal stop all of Faerieland?

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Thursday 5 March 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway - What She Didn’t See by Heather Wynter

What She Didn’t See
Author: Heather Wynter
Publication Date: February 28th, 2020
Genre: Adult Suspense / Thriller

Book Description:
An American tourist in Rome. A secret service agent on vacation. An international assassin… What could go wrong?

Gracie Colby and Lena Boyd are wrapping up the tour of Italy Lena has planned her whole life.

Luke Barnes, a Secret Service Agent, is on vacation in Rome.

Before she knows what happened to her, her friend is dead, and Gracie finds herself swept into a whirlwind of danger, intrigue, and international forces conspiring to destroy her. Teaming up with Luke to survive, Gracie is forced to question herself and decide if she is capable of outrunning the assassin before he can get to them.

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Monday 2 March 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Forgotten Pieces by Tori Fox

Forgotten Pieces
(White Creek #3)
Author: Tori Fox
Publication Date: February 27th, 2020
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
Eight years ago, I fell for Ryder Thompson.

He knew me in a way no one else did.

He held my heart in his hands.

Until he brought it crashing to the floor.

I picked up the pieces, vowing to never let him in again.

And I never thought I would see him again.

Then one day, he reappeared in my life.

I promised myself I would ignore him.

I lied.


Tacoma Calloway made me a better man.

To this day I swear upon it, no matter how broken I am.

We weren’t meant to be together when we first met.

We were two lost souls finding solace in the other.

But eight years later, I still want her.

I forbid myself from loving her then.

And I am unable to love her now.

If only my heart would listen.

It won’t.

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