Monday 22 January 2024

Book Blitz & Giveaway - Slightly Delayed and Somewhat Haphazard by Amber Laura

Slightly Delayed and Somewhat Haphazard
Author: Amber Laura
Publication Date: November 16th, 2023
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
Miranda Monroe’s world just imploded. Not only did she just get dumped by her long-time boyfriend, but she got dumped in the most humiliatingly painful way imaginable. Very suddenly single, homeless, and heartbroken, she runs to the only person she knows will always be there for her.

Sam Church. Her best friend (and the man she’d once secretly been madly in love with).

Which is how she finds herself, emotionally spent and financially crippled, somehow agreeing to his outrageous offer: that she move into his guest bedroom. Temporarily, of course. Just until she gets back on her feet.

There’s only one problem. In the midst of mending her shattered heart, in the process of trying to find herself again (just who is Miranda Monroe?), her thoughts keep getting distracted, wandering in the most confusing and forbidden of ways…just down the hall from her.

Which is ludicrous. The most commitment-phobic person she’s ever met, Sam is off-limits to Miranda for all kinds of reasons. But mostly, because he’s her best friend—and she loves him too much to lose him. So why, suddenly, can’t she seem to stop fantasizing about him? Why can’t she stop hoping for something more?

Slightly Delayed and Somewhat Haphazard is a best-friends-to-lovers romantic comedy underscored with notes of healing fiction and the echoing sentiments of an adult coming-of-age novel.

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Sunday 21 January 2024

BOOK REVIEW: Duke was a Hound from the Pound by Wanda Reynaud

Duke was a Hound from the Pound
Author: Wanda Reynaud
Publication Date: 19 November 2023
Pages: 52
Genre: Children's Picture Book

Book Description:
Join me on my adventure with Duke. He will make you giggle and laugh, and bring absolute joy to your child's day.

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This is a delightfully entertaining picture book that follows the adventures of Duke, a hound with a heart as big as his talents. The storytelling is engaging, and vivid illustrations bring Duke's character to life, making every page a joy to explore. While the book doesn't focus on a specific message, which is a preference of mine, it offers pure entertainment and encourages readers to embrace the joy of trying new things. Duke is a heartwarming and entertaining read for both children and adults.


I thoroughly enjoyed Duke. The book is a testament to the author's skill in creating a captivating story filled with charm and humour. Duke's endearing personality and zest for life had me smiling throughout. The illustrations not only add visual appeal but also capture the essence of Duke's character and his many talents. Despite the absence of a specific message, the sheer fun and entertainment value make Duke a winner in my book. I wholeheartedly recommend it for the entire family.


Rating: 5 Stars
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Tuesday 16 January 2024

Release Day Spotlight & Author Interview - The Quelling: A Trilogy by C.L. Lauder

The Quelling: A Trilogy
Series: Book 1
Author: C.L. Lauder
Genre: Speculative / Fantasy
ISBN: 9781632997654
Publication Date: 16 January 2024

Book Description:

Befriend your enemy, save your friend...

When Kyjta accidentally brands herself with an alien fluid while plotting revenge, she knows her fate is sealed. As one of the Stained, her skin glistens star-bright, and the creatures sent by the Rhemans to scavenge for bodies will have no trouble finding her. One night, while sheltering during a raid, Kyjta forms an unexpected pact with a Rheman rebel to protect a young girl, Calipsie, who’s fallen into her care. Days later, when Calipsie is taken, Kyjta abandons precaution to go after her. Facing impossible odds and allied by a Rheman she’s not sure she can trust, Kyjta must not only rescue Calipsie, but also face the Rheman overlord who’s taken a disturbing interest in her.


Perfect for fans of Divergent and The Hunger Games! The Quelling is a captivating, dystopian fantasy about loss and love, oppression and rebellion, and delves into the power of the individual against a dominant evil.

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Monday 8 January 2024

Blog Tour Interview - Sunny's Secrets by Robin Jay

Devastated by the loss of her husband and keenly aware of the fragile nature of life, Sunny, a nurse, is approached by a mysterious Indian doctor with a secretive spiritual method for transferring Life Force Energy between two people. She accepts his intriguing offer to join his elite and clandestine team.

Sunny's Secrets
Author: Robin Jay
Publication Date: July 6, 2023
Pages: 378
Genre: Psychological Suspense/Medical

Book Description:
A suicide bomber changed Sunny’s life forever. A nurse from a military family, she finds herself devastated and alone. At her husband’s funeral, she’s approached by a mysterious Indian doctor, Rohan Ray, who shows her how to switch Life Force Energy between two people – those who are about to end their lives and patients who would give anything to live another day. Playing with fate is not for the faint of heart. Will the crushing responsibility be too much for Sunny to bear?

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Monday 1 January 2024

My Top 10 Most Anticipated Books and Movies of 2024

Happy New Year To You All!

May this year bring you much joy and good health. To kick off this year, check out my most anticipated books and movies for 2024.

My Top 10 Most Anticipated Books
Of 2024 Are:


My Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies
Of 2024 Are: