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Blog Tour Author Interview & Giveaway - The Bellum Prophecy by L. Marie Horton

The Bellum Prophecy
by L. Marie Horton
Release date: December 12th 2013

Two Wars, One Destiny. Seventeen-year-old Edyn Vella always knew that her strange dreams of the future made her unique, but she never knew what they meant. However, when she fails to stop her aunt's murder by an ominous vampiric creature, Edyn learns that her prophetic visions aren't the only superhuman ability she possesses. 

Following her late aunt's clues, Edyn finds herself in New York City attempting to save her last surviving relative, the powerful and reclusive billionaire, Ethan Roux. Edyn not only discovers Ethan isn't exactly human, but that she is at the center of an ancient prophecy and could determine the outcome of an impending war. 

As Ethan's Omega, his only human descendant, she's thrust into an enigmatic world full of new supernatural creatures where both good and evil vampires and warlocks have waged a centuries-long battle for the fate of humanity. Just as her relationship with the mysterious and handsome Brendan begins to blossom, Edyn's complicated new life quickly spirals out of control when ancient evil becomes determined on making her one of them. Edyn must discover her inner strength while making the choice between a long life without love and a potentially short life full of it. 

The Bellum Prophecy is a dark, suspenseful new novel that explores the loss of innocence while coming of age in the midst of a battle between good and evil. Combining the best elements of vampire legend, the supernatural, and even magic, L. Marie Horton uses exciting action and a cutting-edge story to craft a refreshing new take on young adult fiction.

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Author Interview

1.Tell us a bit about your writing background. How did you get started writing for teens?

I have always loved writing since I was young. I mainly wrote movie ideas, some poetry and random short stories. Naturally for my degrees I had to brief hundreds of cases along with various types of legal writings. After graduating and passing the CA bar exam, I sat down and looked through all of my old movies ideas/ writings. I had the random thought of combining some of them and writing books instead. Once I began writing what would become "The Bellum Prophecy," I couldn’t stop. I still struggle with deciding which book ideas will ultimately become adult books or YA books. I lean more towards writing for teens because I can focus on stretching the bounds of creativity and action. I feel there certain limitations to specifically writing for adults, because surprise, their minds work differently!
2. Who/What were your earliest influences? 

My grandmother Carolie read constantly and I can’t remember a time in my childhood where she didn’t have a book in her hand or one sitting by the couch for her to read before going to bed. She would drive me to the public library especially when they had book sales. During one of those trips, when I was about fourteen, I checked out "In Cold Blood" and it blew me away. When I was seventeen, I found "Sing the Four Quarters" by Tanya Huff at one of the library book sales and it was so imaginative. I fell in love with the characters and the fantasy world she created. 
3. Did you face any early challenges to finding success in writing? 

I have heard that something like 90% of people who write books never publish them. I can see that because it is a big leap to put yourself out there, especially not really knowing what’s going to happen when you do. The biggest challenge for me was telling my family and friends about writing the book. I still get quiet and turn all red when someone is talking about my book to our waiter or person sitting next to him or her in a movie theatre. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that.
4. What are your favorite books as a reader today? What qualities in them appeal to you?

I am actually trying to get caught up on the classics. I want to read "To Kill A Mocking Bird", "Catch-22", "Fahrenheit 451", and "Tess of the d'Urbervilles." Other books I tend to gravitate towards lately are legal thrillers and murder mysteries. I love solving the crime or figuring out the ending before I finish the book. It challenges my mind and keeps me sharp as an author.
5. What do you do outside your writing life?

 I am an attorney so I work long hours during the week and sometimes weekends. To keep me on my toes and for stress relief, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my four-year niece Cass. Seeing her constantly learning and experiencing simple everyday things for the first time has been truly amazing.
6. What encouragement helped you along the way? 

Family and friends. It was hard to announce to them that I was writing a book, because I am a very private person and I was afraid of letting them down. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did, because they were there to offer support and pushed me to get it done! 
7. What advice do you have for beginning writers?
Never stop writing. Find your inspiration, favorite writing spot and whatever else you need to keep writing. Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to editing comments and criticism. As a writer your mind should always be open anyways, so change should be natural, not personal.
8. What's up next for your fans?
Book two of the Vella series. Edyn goes through a huge character transformation in the second book and I really enjoyed writing it. I am also concurrently working on a fantastic YA fantasy and an adult probate thriller.
9. What has been your biggest compliment? 

Word of mouth. I have gotten emails from bookstores asking about my book because a friend of friend was looking for a local copy to buy.
10. Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans and readers? 

Thank you, thank you and thank you for reading. There is so much more to come!

Excerpt from The Bellum Prophecy

Taken from Chapter One

Suddenly, I heard a woman’s voice behind me. “Since when do dracs attack old ladies at night and burn their houses down?” 

Then I heard my rescuer speak for the first time. He had a wonderful voice; it was strong, with a slight French accent. “This wasn’t a random attack, it was planned. Where was the other one?” 

The woman responded, “She killed the other one just before we got here. It looks like a kitchen chair leg to the heart.”

“Resourceful. If she lives, that will be impressive.” I was glad that I impressed someone with my efforts to save my aunt. However, I still failed; Aunt Bethi was dead. My aunt was just murdered and I had killed her murderer. A knot started growing in my stomach. God, my body hurts!

“The cops are coming. We have to go, Kieran,” the woman said.

Kieran. His name was Kieran and I didn't want him to go. I wanted to see his eyes again, those beautiful blue eyes. As I reached up towards his face, he moved swiftly and grabbed my hand with his without hurting me. Oh my God! The instant we touched skin-to-skin, my body started heating up from its very core. He looked down at me, and our eyes made contact. I felt the earth below us rumble like a mini-earthquake, and my own heart pounded along with it. My whole body began to shiver as the sound of thunder echoed above our heads. His eyes widened, just as two lightning strikes came down from sky and hit the ground mere yards from us.

I wondered whether he was feeling the same intense energy consuming his soul, too. We were frozen in time for what seemed like hours, but was only seconds. Suddenly, the woman grabbed him by the shoulders and shook both of us out of whatever trance we were in.

“Kieran...Kieran.... What the hell was that?” she asked in a shaky voice.

He didn't answer; maybe he couldn’t answer. The woman was about to go when she saw my necklace and it stopped her cold in her tracks. “She's a Vella? How is that possible? I thought they were all dead.” 
Kieran looked down at my necklace as well. I had on the same necklace I’ve worn since my father died. It was his, a V for Vella, but in an intricate half-circle, crescent moon design. Kieran’s expression was a mix of confusion and wonder.

“Edyn. Where have you been?” he whispered as he ran his hands down the side of my cheek in an embracing touch. Both of our bodies responded with goose bumps. The moment my Aunt Bethi died, I felt alone in the world. The moment Kieran and I touched, I no longer felt alone, but at peace. Even as I lay there on backyard lawn, probably dying, my soul felt content. It was as if I had known Kieran my whole life, or maybe in another life. The brief, confusing event distracted my mind from the horrible pain my body was feeling. 

“Kieran, seriously, we have to go. The message wasn't clear, so what do you want to do?” she asked hastily. 

He thought about this for a second. “Call Terrin, get a car here right away. We’ll take her to Dr. Bale,” he ordered. She nodded her head and left my sight. Kieran effortlessly picked me up again and started into a sprint. The sirens were getting closer, louder. We reached the alleyway and continued in a sprint away from the house. 

“Is she still with us?” the woman asked. 

Stopping at the street, Kieran looked down on me with those stunning eyes. “Janelle, I think she might just make it.” 


“Look at her cuts, they’re already healing,” he said as he pointed them out to her.

As Janelle came around, I finally got a good look at her face. She had black hair in a really short pixie style, brown eyes, and a well-defined scar on her left cheek. “How can that be...?” she said as she examined my arm.

“Because she’s an Ace,” he replied, and she shook her head in disbelief. 

Just then a black SUV pulled up quickly. Janelle opened the back door and Kieran laid me across the seat. He closed the door, went around, and got in next to me. I couldn't see the driver, so I had no idea if it was a man or woman, or what the person looked like. The SUV accelerated and started swerving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed. Kieran was stroking my hair, and even though it felt good, the pain still became too intense. I groaned and tried to shift my body, trying to ease the pain. Kieran responded by placing his hands on my shoulders, holding me down. “We're almost there. I know it hurts, Edyn.” Tears started to escape my eyes and roll down my cheeks. 

“I can’t believe Gavin’s daughter is alive,” Janelle said with bewilderment.

Kieran responded in a grave tone, “Call Ethan. He needs to know.”

My eyelids began to grow heavy with sleepiness and I gave in to closing them. The car came to an abrupt stop, and I felt the sensation of my body being lifted up and moved quickly. I wasn't quite awake, but not completely out either. I was somewhere in between, only partially fighting to stay awake. Death? Limbo? I didn’t know and honestly? I didn’t care. 

I heard Kieran's strained voice, “Edyn, wake up, don't close your eyes...” His voice trailed off as I finally stopped fighting and let the blissful darkness take me. 

About the Author

L. Marie Horton is an attorney practicing law in Fresno, California. After completing her degrees, she gave the left side of her brain a rest and became devoted to writing fiction. L. Marie is also a photographer, avid speed-reader, and an obsessive fan of movie soundtracks. She has a supportive husband and two fur children, Scottie a.k.a. Daba D and Gunnar a.k.a. da Gun Gun’s.

L. Marie writes YA paranormal romance and fantasy fiction focusing on strong characters trying to overcome extraordinary obstacles in their life. Writing is an extreme passion of hers and she relishes in sharing that passion with her readers.

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