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Author Spotlight - Athena_Heart {Wattpad}

Crazy Sexy Cool: Big Bad Mafia Boy Series 1
Author: Athena_Heart
Genre: Romance

Wattpad Book Blurb:
As the car headed towards them at full speed, he pulled out his gun much to her horror. Why and how did the man she was to wed in a couple of weeks, possess a gun? He took aim and fired, the bullet piercing the driver’s forehead, smack in the centre. One single perfect shot and the man was dead. “What’s going on, Dean?” She asked him and he replied, “Business. You’ve nothing to worry about. You are safe with me.”  Deadly secrets and heart – breaking lies. Without a doubt, the goody two – shoes heiress, knew he was keeping deceitful skeletons in the closet. When he fired a bullet through a man’s forehead with perfect precision, Elena Cruz was certain that the reckless bad boy had grown into someone far worse than the boy she had once known.

Sexy and arrogant, the grandson of a powerful Mafia family, Dean Bishop wanted nothing else but her, even if she was a snooty spoilt princess. Having taken over her family’s business with a sealed contract which included a marriage between the two, Dean knew he had Elena exactly where he wanted her. When the attack was made on them both, Dean knew there was a mole amongst his Crew of soldiers and Elena would easily be a target. But she was safe because she was by his side and he would protect her.   In a sudden turn of events, Elena found the courage within her to make a run for it, to be free of Dean once and for all. Filled with blind fury, he pursued, determined to find her at all costs. The problem was, the traitor in their midst was also after her. Would Dean and Elena ever realise that they belong together, before the traitor gets to one of them as death lingers dangerously near?

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Author Interview

1. Please tell the readers a bit about yourself.

You know its kind of awkward to call yourself a writer but yet when it comes to “telling a bit about yourself”; you just keep staring at the laptop screen, not knowing how to proceed. And that’s me. Alrighty, what else? 

I go nuts over chocolates. 

I own more shoes and bags than clothes (I have a collection of 77 pairs of heels – it’s a fetish I think).
I’m into all things girly – earrings, accessories and anything pink. 

Not forgetting how I adore anything Bollywood, Starbucks, chilling with my buddies and my other love, swimming and snorkeling.

I do dance (think Bollywood here) when I’m not feeling like a lazy bum. 

2. What types of books do you write?

I totally don’t see myself writing those gooey romantic stuff though I’m a romantic at heart. (Makes sense? No? Never mind). I love creating the adrenaline rush with a combination of action and romance, which are the driving forces in most of my stories.

Chicklit’s another genre I’m experimenting with but time is not on my side to go a 100% focus into it. 

3. How many books have you written?

Gee, it should have been four but three of them are stuck in the “work-in-progress” stage for a pretty long time as I decided to focus on completing one book at a time, which is currently Crazy Sexy Cool which is actually a re-write of The Games Begin.

4. What movie and/or book are you looking forward to this year?

Movies – Definitely X-Men: Days of future past (watching it in the coming weekend) and Transformers

Books – Gods & Monsters, The Art of Lainey and Concealed in Death

5. What type of books do you enjoy reading?

Well that kind of depends on my mood as I read all genres. But the main choices will be romance, historical and mystery / thrillers.

6. If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want with you?

The three will be…

1. MacBook (I need to write)
2. Body lotion with SPF 180 (I do not wish to look like a grilled lobster) 
3. Chris Evans!!!! (I wouldn’t mind getting stuck anywhere with the Captain ^_^)

7. Are you considering a sequel?

Crazy Sexy Cool (CSC) is the first installment of the Big Bad Mafia Boy series. The second installment, The Fire Within is on hold at the moment, as I would like to focus on the updated version CSC. There will be at least five (keeping my fingers crossed) other subsequent books in the series.

8. What inspired you to become a writer?

Both my parents didn’t speak a word of English and as a kid, I used to flunk all my English papers. My English teacher, Miss Low, encouraged me to read English stories, at least about four books a week.

I would say that reading began to create a desire to write as my mind began to be filled with story ideas. At nine, I began to write short stories and subsequently short skits for school competitions and the rest, like they say is history.

Excerpt from Crazy Sexy Cool

“I’m so sorry, I have to do this.” Elena pointed the gun at the nun behind the wheel. Her lips twisted sympathetically at the white – faced nuns staring at her. But it was now or never. “Out!” She made gestures with the gun at the nun in the passenger seat to get out.  

Fearing for her life, the nun got out and Elena nodded her head to the back seat. Obediently, the nun sat at the back seat and began calling upon the Lord for rescue. Elena jumped into the car and slammed the door shut. “Entrance!” She pointed at the hospital’s entrance. The nun at the wheel looked where Elena’s gun was pointing and then back at Elena. The pink Volkswagen remain stationary.  

“Oh God,” Elena groaned. “I don’t want to do this, especially to you.” With a deep breath and summoning all the coarseness in her heart, Elena pointed the gun at the nun behind the wheel. The other nun began to moan and groan in French, for the gracious and Mighty One to deliver this young woman from her insanity or to rain fire and brimstone down on her. Elena didn’t care. She would state her case with the Almighty later. “Entrance!” She demanded, pointing the gun at the hospital’s main entrance and back at the nun.

The nun nodded pitifully and Elena’s stomach churned at the sight. Damn you Dean. See what I have to do just to get away from you. The pink Volkswagen came to a screeching halt and Elena popped her head out of the window, searching for Mel. There was something going on inside the hospital as a crowd had gathered but she couldn’t see what exactly. “Where are you Mel?” She bit down on her lip, getting restless with impatience. “C’mon, c’mon Mel.” Her foot started to tap the floor of the car restlessly. Elena saw something red break away from the crowd and let out a cry of victory as Mel ran out from the main entrance. 

Mel looked at the waiting cab. Her face fell when she didn’t see her best friend inside the vehicle. Oh no! Did Dean g…


Mel’s thoughts were interrupted by Elena’s shriek. “Oh thank God!” Mel laughed with relief seeing Elena’s head stick out of the window of pink bug. 

Elena opened the door, but not before she saw Dean break away from the crowd and glaring at her directly. Mel jumped in, shutting the door. “Drive, drive! Fast!” Elena screamed her lungs out and the nun drove. Mel’s eyes widened and her job dropped open at the sight of the gun in Elena’s hand.

Dean raced after the fleeing pink Volkswagen. “Faster!” Elena screamed in panic when she saw him catching up. Her heart pounded with horror as she saw Dean’s hand shooting out, fingers almost touching the door of the passenger seat, where she was seated.

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