Tuesday 4 February 2014

Guest Post & Giveaway - Night Slashers by Rashad Freeman

About the author Rashad Freeman

Rashad Freeman is a wildly eccentric, native Floridian with a passion for storytelling. As the son of an English Professor, you could say writing is in his blood. While he loves to dabble in just about every genre, the bulk of his work is in Thrillers and Science Fiction. Anything involving water and his family, which includes his wife and three boys, is enough to occupy a weekend.

When he is not working on the next great American novel, Rashad can be found crossfitting, swimming or daring to do all.  Rashad is also a passionate advocate for promoting childhood literacy and early childhood education. He has participated in numerous volunteer activities at local schools and is always eager to speak to students about the importance of reading.

Guest Post: The Making of Night Slashers

Trying to nail down the inspiration for Night Slashers is a bit difficult. Like all of my stories, the idea just came to me and from that it grew and morphed. To date it’s the only thriller I’ve published, which makes it special in that regard and many have told me it’s my best writing. (Although if you find yourself hating the book I assure you I’ve written something better.)

The bulk of my work is in the paranormal/science fiction space. I like to think of myself as an aliens, zombies and vampires type of writer, but I do love to read pretty much everything. I’m certainly guilty of genre hopping and will write whatever hops into my twisted mind.

Like so many of my stories, Night Slashers allowed me to explore a different aspect of myself and have a blast twisting the plot around while I did it.  As a writer I spend a lot of time focusing on characters and let the plot develop itself.  Generally, an idea will pop into my head and I’ll just start writing. At some point I’ll figure out where I’d like the story to end, but I really don’t outline or anything. My stories are heavily character driven and I put myself into their shoes and literally act out scenes as I write them.  During the writing of Night Slashers, which I did almost exclusively after midnight, I could be found in my office having deep conversations with myself on how best to commit a murder.

So, what inspired me to write Night Slashers?  The same thing that inspired me to write all of my books, I’m a writer. At my core, at the very center of my being, I’m a writer. I won’t claim to be an exceptionally good one or anything, but I do love the craft. I have no less than twenty ideas a day jump out as a story, so I have a hefty backlog of things I need to get written.

Night Slashers actually started off as a type of spy thriller. I’d written about 60% of the story, but it always felt like it was missing something. It was like I was forcing my main character to do things that really weren’t in his nature and I couldn’t explain his motivation. So with more than half of the novel completed, I scrapped the whole thing and started over. I’m very happy I did because in writing it the second time everything flowed naturally and the plot twists created themselves.

In the end I’m really happy about how the novel turned out. It was loads of fun creating a world where no one was safe and I’ve grown a bit of an obsession with offing characters. I definitely see myself writing this type of story again and while this was made as a stand-alone novel, I’ve already started thinking about a sequel.

Night Slashers

Author:  Rashad Freeman
Genre:  Thriller/Suspense
Publisher:  Self-Published
Language:  English
Format:  eBook (Paperback coming soon)

Daniel Montague has a secret.

A secret so dark, so disturbing that he's pushed it to the back of his psyche and moved on. Unfortunately for him, it's itching to find the light.

Down in New Orleans, Daniel finds solace in the winding waters of the Mississippi River. He's found a place that he can put his past behind him, a place that he can call home. 

He thinks he's finally found peace, but when his past comes knocking on his front door and the town erupts in a wave of brutal murders, he is forced to face a harsh reality. You can forget the past, but that doesn't mean it will forget you.

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