Monday 10 February 2014

BOTW - Ignis


Teen Science-Fiction

Wattpad Book Blurb:

After a government shutdown that leaves the nation in disarray, a new power comes in to relieve the people’s problems. The Three Kings take over; giving the people hope in a land of violence and anger, but their help comes with a price. Instead of just getting everything back up and running they take a dictatorship control over everything and separate everyone into two factions, Superior and Inferior. Those a part of Inferior are treated with the strictness of the smallest mistake getting them beaten or killed and those in Superior are treated extremely well, both so that rebellion is far off their minds. 

Aine Burk was born into the Inferior faction and has been different from the others all of her life. She wasn’t afraid of what would happen to her and has the marks all over her body to prove it. Now with just a spark of rebellion in the air and an event that puts her on the Three Kings radar she has enough ammunition to start fighting back. To take down the Three Kings before they can abuse their power more than they already have.

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