Wednesday 26 February 2014

Author Spotlight - RoseSunshine {Wattpad}

Hurry Up and Save Me
Genre: Teen Fiction / Mystery / Thriller

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Jude Nelson doesn’t exactly has an easy life, but she makes the best of it. Living with her usually absent godmother and taking care of her young sister, Mel, Jude has little time for everything else. 

Suddenly, her life is blown into pieces and it's a race against time for her. If she truly cares for her loved ones, she has to dig deeper into something that is far more shocking than the truth. 

He is waiting in his lair to avenge what cursed his life. To fight him, Jude has to know his game and play the right card... quickly. He is the master, she has to be the challenger.


“His best bet was his lost insanity.”

He took the dagger and slowly raised it to eye level.

To kill a heart, insanity is the fuel for melting the ice, setting fire to it.

Through the window behind him, one could see the starless sky. The darkness the night emitted looked ominous and daunting.

The air was cold, void of any bearings. The entire mansion stood eerily still, coldness seeping in every brick and niche of it. The only sign of life within those huge walls was that of his breathing. In and out, in and out…

As he saw the sharp edge of the shiny blade, his breathing quickened. Curling his chalky fingers over it, he chanted the words that helped him concentrate. A feeling of joy and happiness washed over him just as the words started taking their effect. Tonight’s task needed his utmost attention, and he didn’t want to have any second thoughts. After tonight he was finally going to get some peace and quiet.

In a fierce motion, he drove the knife over his left wrist. As the dark red blood started pooling out of his veins, he took a deep breath. Inhaling the metallic scent of it, he admired the gash, his masterpiece. Grinning, he dropped the knife on the floor and pressed the wound.

Sacrifice is the first step of Insanity, Revenge being the last.

The stinging that attacked his whole body was much less consuming than the one which had made him loose his sanity years ago. If he was facing a mirror, he was sure he would have seen the fire in his eyes. It was that fire, which had led to the name he bore now, Dragon.  The name itself gave him supreme power.

In his mind, he saw himself rise high, taking a step, after step, and finally reach the gates of heaven to be with her in peace. The beautiful love of my life. He had never wished for materialistic or mental peace, as he had lost faith in miracles a long time ago. Maybe, that was why she had descended in his arms, like an angel. However, she was only that—an angel—a mythical name for fairies. And she had to go away, far away from him.

He massaged his wound, immune to the pain. As seconds turned into minutes, he knew it was time. And right at that moment, the clock chimed loudly, signaling the end of the day. In that gloomy atmosphere, the sound of it that resonated through the walls was more frightening.

For the people whom we love,

They are often no bounds,

For the ones whom we hate,

They are never any ties,

But to humans, whom we avenge,

Insanity, sacrifice and revenge.

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