Tuesday 11 February 2014

Book Blitz and Giveaway: Murder in the Afternoon by Frances Brody

Murder in the Afternoon
by Frances Brody
Release Date: September 1, 2011

Dead one minute -

Young Harriet and her brother Austin have always been scared of the quarry where their stone mason father works. So when they find him dead on the cold ground, they scarper quick smart and look for some help.

Alive the next -

When help arrives, however, the quarry is deserted and there is no sign of the body. Were the children mistaken? Is their father not dead? Did he simply get up and run away?

A sinister disappearing act -

It seems like another unusual case requiring the expertise of Kate Shackleton. But for Kate this is one case where surprising family ties makes it her most dangerous - and delicate - yet.

REVIEWS (also on website)

"The bucolic setting of the village of Great Applewick and the period atmosphere add authentic touches to this finely drawn traditional mystery with multiple storylines."
Publishers Weekly

"Brody's third in the series (...) is a perfect fit for lovers of classic British mysteries who'd like to watch a clever, introspective, delightful heroine solve a tricky puzzle."
Kirkus Reviews, January 2014

"Much of the appeal of the novel is in the details of the period. To hold our interest the author has to make us feel part of the landscape. In doing this, Frances Brody succeeds brilliantly.

"Her post-war world in which making any sort of living is hard grind and where an independent career woman is viewed with hostility is entirely convincing. Kate is a heroine to like and admire. Her further adventures are eagerly awaited."
Daily Mail

"A good mystery that had me perplexed, but also a moving episode in the life of Kate Shackleton ... Highly recommended."
Promoting Crime

"..characters we really care for and an authentic feel for the West Riding. There are enough red-herrings to keep us guessing and the plot twists and turns throughout every chapter. These gentle crime novels are simply first-class and if you haven't read any I urge you to do so."
Ryedale Gazette & Herald

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About the author Frances Brody

Frances Brody writes the highly acclaimed mystery series set in 1920s Yorkshire, featuring First World War widow turned sleuth, Kate Shackleton; twice nominated for the Crime Writers’ Association Dagger in the Library. As Frances McNeil, she has written for radio, theatre and television and published sagas, winning the HarperCollins Elizabeth Elgin Award for the most regionally evocative debut saga of the millennium.

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Murder in the Afternoon Giveaway

An e-copy of Murder in the Afternoon.


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