Wednesday 19 February 2014

Author Spotlight - Neerunni {Wattpad}

First Kiss & Broken Promises
Genre: Teen Romance

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Seventeen year old Divya Narayan is a high-spirited young girl with an adventurous streak in her, who doesn’t think twice before taking a risk. She learns very early in life that broken promises by ones you love equals a broken heart. So she makes two promises – Never to fall in love and never to break a promise. 

One fateful night four years ago, Aryan Diaz not only broke Divya's heart but also her trust and their unique bond of friendship. When the charming heart-breaker returns next door to Divya, he holds more than a key to her locked heart; he has answers that can set her free to break the promises she made.


“When did you get in?” I asked, secretly hoping he had just walked in.

He opened his eyes and looked right into mine through the mirror. I wondered if I would be the first one to ever die of sensory overload as his lips slightly nudged my ear.

“When you were telling my sis how much we enjoyed our apple,” he whispered, chuckling softly.

I couldn’t stop the shiver that ran up my body when Aryan tightened his arms around me and winked. We made a pretty picture in the mirror, standing entwined – my face flushed a deep shade of pink blossoms and he looked equally affected. His eyes shone with a brightness that lit up mine; his hair was mussed up, and I had an overwhelming urge to mess with it even more. Was this the desire Annie often gushed about after reading her romantic novels – the fire in the pit of my stomach, my racing heart, flushed cheeks, dazed eyes, and parted lips?

“Div, don’t look at me like that.” I heard him groan, the sound breaking my self control with a snap.

I whirled around and threw my arms around his neck.  He gasped before hugging me tight, almost lifting me off the floor. His hand cupped the back of my head, holding me tight to his broad chest. I could hear his heart race at a speed that matched mine. I inhaled deeply, and a feeling of homecoming settled around me. My fingers brushed his hair, which curled at his nape. Smiling to myself and burying my head into the warmth of his chest, I tugged at it hard. He yelped, lifting me off my feet and twirled me around.

Our laughter rang free in the air and bounced off the bathroom walls, echoing, filling me with happiness I had not known these last four years. Out of breath and dizzy, he slowly slid me down his body until my feet hit the cold floor. Looking deep into my eyes and his hands gripping my waist tight, he smoothly walked me back till my back pressed against the tiled wall. The coolness of the tiles at my back did nothing to dim the heat that coiled inside me at his proximity.

Bracing one hand against the wall above my head, he grabbed my tie and tugged lightly.

“Still haven’t learnt to knot a tie,” he chuckled softly, and shook his head.

I smiled fondly at him.

“Nah, I never had to learn when you were around. Then when you…” My smile slipped and my tongue suddenly felt heavy in my mouth, and I looked away. “I didn’t want to learn…” I whispered, feeling an invisible cloud settle around us.

I tried to move away, but his hands on my shoulders gently pressed me back against the wall. My downcast eyes found the v of his Calvin Klein tee fascinating. I could feel him stare at me, waiting for me to meet his eyes, but I started mentally tracing the red sprawling letters of ‘Make my day’ on his tee to avoid the temptation his eyes presented.

I heard him draw a long breath and sigh. “Hey, look at me,” he whispered softly, nudging my chin nimbly with his long fingers.

Drawn to the silent command in his voice like a moth to a flame, I obeyed.

“I’m here now.” His fingers tightened around my chin. “I swear on the red of the apple that we tasted, I’m right here and will be here unless you tell me to go away.”

Despite his smile, I could sense the nervousness behind his statement. He was promising me – a fresh promise. I simply stared because I wasn’t able to convince my mind to just jump in and believe.

“You want one more apple?” he asked, a twinkle returning to his eyes.

A giggle escaped my lips at his lame attempt at humor. I was glad he didn’t push me. Trust and I were no longer friends. I took his lead.

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