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Blog Tour Spotlight - Sleepless by Michael Omer

(Narrowdale #1)
Author: Michael Omer
Publication Date: January 10th, 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Thriller, Young Adult

Book Description:
Don’t fall asleep. Don’t dream. Don’t get caught.

At the beginning of her freshman year of high school, Amy can think of nothing worse than moving to the boring, suburban town of Narrowdale. And that’s before she starts having the same nightmare over and over again, waking up every night to a creepy whistle outside her window and being haunted by a mysterious, menacing presence. Getting used to the new school becomes the least of her problems.

As she delves deeper to uncover the truth, she unknowingly edges closer to mortal danger. Terrible events that took place years ago threaten to happen again, but now Amy’s life is on the balance. Unfortunately, the one guy who is supposed to protect her, nineteen year old Peter, doesn’t believe her.

Some things seem to happen only in Narrowdale, where dark secrets hide beneath the surface…

As she confronts the mysteries of Narrowdale, Amy documents her experiences in her blog. The book contains live links to this blog.

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I look around. “You can climb that tree over there. You’ll probably be able to see over the fence into the house from there.”

“I can climb?” Coral says disbelievingly. “Why should I be the one climbing?”

“’Cause you’re a village girl. You’ve spent your entire childhood running in the fields and climbing trees. You probably walked barefoot all the time and… played with rabbits and squirrels.”

“My childhood sounds fascinating. I’ve never climbed a tree in my life, and I’m not about to start now.”

“Coral, just listen. This shirt is one of my favorite shirts and if I tear it–”

“Amy, I’m not going to climb that tree. I’ll fall down!”

“Why would you? It has lots and lots of branches. I’m wearing platform shoes–”

“Then let’s both not climb that tree. What kind of an idea is that, anyway?”

I sigh. “Fine, I’ll climb that tree, but if I rip my shirt on one of the branches, it’s all your fault.”

“Sure. My fault. Crazy girl.”

I approach the tree. The truth is I haven’t climbed many trees in my life either, and every time I did climb one, I had my father helping me. Never mind, how complicated can it be? A foot here, now there’s a bump in the trunk over there, this foot goes on the branch over here… this is just like climbing a ladder! Left foot on that branch over th–

The branch breaks, and I’m hanging for my life.

“Amy, is everything all right?” Coral whispers.

“I am about to die. Call the fire department.”

“You’re just two feet high. You can jump down.”

“I’ll break my legs.”

“You won’t even scratch your knee. I told you climbing the tree was a bad idea.”

I ignore her, and swing my legs towards the trunk. I manage to grab a thick branch with my right leg and slowly pull myself towards it. I hug the trunk, trying to calm my beating heart. I’ve reached this far; I can finish what I’ve started. What did we learn, Amy? Do not step on thin, dry branches. Right.

Another foot, now hold the branch over there, pull myself up, I can practically sit here…

“Wow, Amy, you’re kind of high. Perhaps you should stop there.”

I look down, and instantly regret it. Apparently, I’m half a mile above the ground. This tree is way higher than I thought, and it’s swinging in the wind! I hug it tightly and shut my eyes.



“Isn’t it hard to look inside the house with your eyes shut?”

“No, no, I got this.”

“’Cause when I close my eyes, I see mostly darkness.”


“Maybe with you it’s different.”

“Yeah. Just give me a second.”

“Okay, but I have to go home soon. I have to take care of Mia.”

“Coral,” I beg her. “Please be quiet.”

About the Author
My name is Michael Omer, and I’m a writer, journalist and game designer. I wrote and published my first novel when I was sixteen, and figured I’d keep at it. Since then, I have published two more novels, and wrote… who can even count how many? I’m happily married to a woman who keeps pushing me to write more, and have three kids who insist I should stop writing and come play with them. I also have two dogs.

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