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Blog Tour Guest Post - We the People: Inalienable by Christopher Scott Wagoner

We the People: Inalienable
Christopher Scott Wagoner
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Saga
Length: 277 pages
Release Date: July 1, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1508484721

Book Description:
This  is  bloody  awesome!!  I was gripped from the start and can't wait for MORE. ~ Orchard Book club (UK)

Morticia  Thane  has  a  problem.  It's  not the fact that she has no memories before two years ago, or even the fact that she can't die. Thane has been abducted by a top secret military unit, whisked away to a  hidden  facility  in  the  desert  by  the stalwart but ruthless Captain Bast.

Thane meets a group of misfits like herself, and discover that they're not mere prisoners but the last line of defense against a threat from beyond the  stars.  Can  Thane  and  the  others  find  a  way  to  win? Or  will  the human race become extinct at the hands of an alien virus?

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A lot of writers get the question, quite frequently, ‘where do you come up with the ideas for your novels?’  The answer would be pretty much everywhere.

My early novels, the first of which I penned at the age of twelve, were rife with clich├ęs and one dimensional characters.  I also had a distinct lack of understanding of how copyright laws worked, and my books featured trademarked characters.  These days I could slap a ‘fan fiction’ label on them and show them off, but back in the day there was only one word for that;  Plagarism!

Gradually I began to recognize the traits in characters I loved that made me love them, and I distilled those essences into my own creations.  Thane came about because I was watching a zombie show—you know which one—and the protagonists were just blasting the things to smithereens.  I thought “it must be hard to be a zombie” and something clicked.  I knew I had a main character for my novel.

Zombie leads are rare, but not unheard of.  Since living dead characters often face off against murky mystical forces I thought it might be fun to have an adversary with a science fiction background.  As Thane grapples with the same issues many teens deal with—a search for identity, burgeoning sexuality—she evolves into a more complete character.  It’s that evolution of self that goes hand in hand with American values, as we’re always striving to be a little better than we were yesterday.

About the Author
Chris  Wagoner  was  jettisoned  from  his  doomed  home  planet  as  an infant and crash landed in a field in the Midwest. He was taken in by a kindly couple and now lives to fight for truth, just ice, and the American way!  Sometimes  he  finds  a  free  moment  to  pen  novels like  We  the People.

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