Friday 17 July 2015

Blog Tour Guest Post - Divine by L.C. Davis, Jr.

Author: L.C. Davis, Jr.
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Length: 336 pages
Release Date: July 15, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1508645269

Book Description:
The unexpected arrival of an ill-omened war sword serves as the perfect catalyst for the wild fire of revenge and dark magic poised to engulf four embattled brothers and their father’s illustrious crown.

Set in the feudal kingdom of Valgary, the novel “Divine” explores the first grim chronicles of an undefeated Pangean bloodline of Kings and Warlords shaken to its very core when the powerful King Vagrath’s youngest son, Royal, is unintentionally thrust into the role of his father’s successor over his vengeful older brothers, Genesis, and the vain cold-hearted twins, Grieves & Mourn.

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The Origins of Divine

Without much thought it’s easily become something that’s taken on a life of its own. Since I first started writing around middle school, no other story has flowed so well for me and I’m glad because I love writing stories with allot of action, unusual powers and unexpected plot dynamics. And I’m not really sure why but I think it might have to do with the mindset I had while imagining the beginning concepts of this ‘provocation’ story…  And by that I mean, “Have you ever had someone go out of their way to see you fail or not reach your goals? Was it possibly someone close to you or even blood related?” If so, there’s a good chance you’ll possibly be able to relate to my main Character, Royal.

From the very beginning of the story, life seems to make it perfectly clear that it’s prepared to give him hell at every corner. But much like his three feisty older brothers and fiery undefeated war lord of a father, the youngest prince soon becomes the talk of the entire Kingdom of Valgary by becoming the most deadliest swordsman of his generation behind the blade of an ill prophesied war sword he receives at a ceremony at his right of passage. Only a final showdown between himself and his brothers will prove once and for all whose sword play is truly worthy enough to be crowned King of all the fatherland.

But I’ll be honest with everyone reading this, my very first book in this particular series came from no more than six pages of six notes that will eventually has become at least four or five more installments in the full story.  For the longest time I’ve been a wild fan and student of a wild variety of different action, sci-fi, fantasy and anime films, shows and video games. And even after meeting Dean Koontz (Very cool and talented guy) at a young writers conference when I was in high school I never really thought I could be a “book” writer. (Me?, no way, get outta here) My immediate enrollment into film school after graduation proved that much. My thoughts at actually being a novelist was more foreign than me meeting my dream girl in the belly of whale … And it was one of my greatest mistakes of my early twenties because come to find out, I’ll humbly admit, that I might be pretty decent at it.

And with a much needed growing belief in my writing; I finally felt like I had something potent enough to share with the world as a first contract between myself and an audience and it would appear Divine was always meant to be. It’s my very own carrousel of revenge and sword play with the added element of this story focusing on four children who grow up and become eventually intertwined with the apocalyptic powers of the end of days. It’s definitely worth a peek if you’re into something purposely different than any other story you’ve ever come across.


About the Author
L.C. “Lamar Calvin” Davis Jr grew up an army child and currently resides in the military town of Clarksville, Tennessee. He is a film school graduate, avid gamer and hopes to one day become a premier southern novelist in modern day literature. His debut novel series, Divine, was crafted with the intention of becoming his first contract between himself the author and the rest of the world as readers. Die hard supporters and fan art are what keep him going.

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