Tuesday 22 April 2014

BOTM - Controlled {Wattpad}

Author: RainySkky
Genre: Teen Romance / Horror

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Sophia Anderson is your normal teenager, going to a normal highschool, having great, supportive friends, and can't wait to graduate and go to college. With her mom always on business trips for a job that pays more than enough, Sophie is usually left to fend for herself. All she has is her dog, Naomi.

Ricky is a murderer, who stalks young women, learns about them, then becomes obsessed with them. If they refuse, or fake their love towards him, he brutally kills them. Then, after he sees Sophie coming out of the movie theaters one night, he instantly becomes obsessed. He begins stalking her, watching her through her window, following her at night, and learns more and more about her everyday. He feels the need to control Sophie, to make her his. The last thing Sophie wanted was a stalker. He plans on kidnapping her, taking her away where he will have her all to himself. Will Sophie realize she is being followed everywhere she goes, and someone knows everything about her? Or will it be too late?

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1. Please tell the readers a bit about yourself.

Well, I love writing, and I love coffee almost as much as writing. I'm a Leo, so I'm a particularly proud person. My mom is my biggest inspiration when writing. She's so supportive and she's practically my best friend. When I get out of high school, I plan on attending the University of South Florida to study psychology. That was my big inspiration for Ricky's character. Crime shows are practically fuel for writing most of my stories (i.e. Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, etc.). I hope in the future I become a best selling author.
2. What types of books do you write?

Mainly, I love horror books. I love the thought of being terrified. I don't know why, it's just appealing to me. I also enjoy romance, but that's just because I'm a hopeless romantic. 

3. How many books have you written?

So far, I've written 8 books, including short stories. Only 3 of those books are long, though. In addition to the Controlled series, I also wrote a student/teacher romance novel. It seems to be more popular that Controlled, however Controlled was my start. 

4. What movie and/or book are you looking forward to this year?

I'm looking forward to The Fault in Our Stars. The book will always be better but I can't wait to see the movie. As for books, I'm not sure. I'm so behind on reading I don't have time to wait for any!

5. What type of books do you enjoy reading?

I love romance and horror stories, and the occasional mystery here and there. 

6. If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want with you?

Oh that's a hard one.

1. Probably a dog.
2. A guitar.
3. A blanket. 

7. Are you considering a sequel?

Yes, I have already written one actually, and I'm thinking about expanding on a third one. Maybe having it revolve around Ricky's life more (there's already a short story on that but I know a lot of people want me to expand on it). 

8. What inspired you to become a writer?

Well, honestly, reading did it for me. Every time I was reading a book in middle school, I would picture it in my head or ways I would change the story line and morph it into my own. Before writing a book, I picture it as a movie in my head and write it from there. For Controlled, it was just my love of the show Criminal Minds and the love of psychology and how they try and determine how a person's mind worked when it came to murderers and all that kind of stuff. I grew obsessed with it and that's when I went to my friend and proposed my idea for Controlled. She loved it and gave me the starting support I needed to create it. Once I uploaded it to Wattpad, I was shocked when people were actually starting to like it and I ended up getting #1 horror book for a time. That's when I decided I wanted to be a writer; because of how people made me feel when they told me how much they loved something I created. The feeling is unbelievable.

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