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Blog Tour Guest Post - Broken Family by Kevin Hopson

Broken Family
Author: Kevin Hopson
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Pages: 34
Genre: Crime/Mystery
Format: eBook

Book Description:
Sheriff Joseph Mauro is summoned to a local lake in Stone County, having received a report of a dead woman along the water’s shore. With foul play a possibility, he utilizes the help of his two female deputies in questioning family members and friends. As the three of them search for clues and possible motives, the case takes an unexpected turn, and Sheriff Mauro must rely on his instincts if he is going to weed out the killer.

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Guest Post: The Four Seasons of Broken Family

As much as I would love to take credit for the topic idea, this was something suggested by the blog host…and a brilliant one at that. If I had to pick characters from Broken Family to represent each of the four seasons, who would they be and why?


It would have to be Stephanie Gass, the daughter of the victim. Stephanie is a moody teenager, and the freezing temperatures and snow/ice storms that accompany the winter season are enough to make even the most optimistic person a little unstable (assuming you aren’t a spoiled individual living in a temperate area). Furthermore, Stephanie can’t leave for college soon enough, just like many of us are anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring.    


Ira Batista, the younger of the two deputies, is energetic and full of life, similar to the rejuvenation we feel when spring finally reigns. She’s also a very sociable person. Like many of us, I’m sure Ira enjoys the flourishing plant life, the constant chirping of birds, and even the traditional mating period…for wildlife of course.


Without a doubt, this goes to Deputy Janelle Bowden. She’s a little hot-under-the-collar, so much that even a 100-degree day probably feels cool to her. Aggressive and willing to say what’s on her mind, Janelle’s temper can get the better of her. At least the rest of us have an excuse for being like this three months out of the year. It’s called the heat.


Sheriff Joe Mauro wins hands down. His calming influence is like a crisp, autumn breeze blowing in after a massive heat wave. Joe is also an understanding and compassionate man. Not only is he grateful for what he has (Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday), but Joe enjoys the simple things in life. Now if he could just find a woman. Psst. Read the book and maybe he will.

Excerpt from Broken Family

“Who’s the victim?” A woman’s voice inquired from behind.

Joe didn’t even bother turning around. He knew who it was.

“Claire Gass,” he said. “Is Ira with you?”

“She’s coming down the hill right now,” the woman answered.

Joe rotated his head with his knee to the ground, looking in the direction of the deputy. Janelle Bowden, an African-American woman with wide brown eyes, stared back at him. Her coffee-colored hair was tied up in a bun.

“Looks like someone hit her over the head and dumped the body here,” Joe said. “A fisherman discovered her early this morning when he was putting his trailer in the water.”

“A forced drowning?” Janelle asked.

Joe shook his head. “I don’t think so. The body would be bloated and show signs of decay. Plus, it can take days or weeks for a drowned body to surface. They usually float on top of the water, not wash up on the shore of a still lake. This body is fresh. I figure she died in the last twelve hours.”

About the Author

Prior to hitting the fiction scene in 2009, Kevin was a freelance writer for several years, covering everything from finance to sports. His debut work, World of Ash, was released by MuseItUp Publishing in the fall of 2010. Kevin has released several other books through MuseItUp since then, and he has also been published in various magazines and anthology books. Kevin's writing covers many genres, including dark fiction and horror, science fiction, and crime fiction. 

His latest book is the crime/mystery, Broken Family.

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