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Blog Tour Spotlight & Giveaway - The Shade by Matthew Tallman

The Shade
The Shade Trilogy, Book 1             
Matthew Tallman

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Date of Publication: March 9th 2014
Number of pages: 340
Word Count: 105,494 words
Cover Artist: Pixel Pixie Design

Book Description:
James Langley's life is over. After an automobile accident leaves him comatose, James' body lies vulnerable in a hospital bed. However, his mind is lost, drifting between life and death, into The Shade.

Trapped in a world shrouded by the unknown, he meets Virgil, a mysterious stranger that informs him that his car wreck was no accident; that the man responsible has imprisoned them both, intent on keeping them there. Together they must race against time to get James back to his body in the real world before he becomes the next victim of a malevolent psychopath.

Enter the world of The Shade, where the boundaries of the human psyche are pushed to their limits and survival is not guaranteed. A place where death isn't the end, but only the beginning.

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Excerpt from The Shade

We arrived inside the building; it seemed to be an old warehouse of some kind. While I found a seat on a large spool of rope, Virgil remained standing, half-paying attention to me, half intermittently looking outside. “James before we go any further I need you to realize something.” He told me firmly.

“What’s that?” I asked him, ready for what he had to say.

“There are things that inhabit this world, things you could have only imagined in your darkest nightmares. You’re going to need my help to survive here, so you need to listen to what I say, understand?” He asked as he looked into my eyes. 

I felt a sense of despair creep up on me as what Virgil had said started to sink in. This world was something very different from the one I’d been born into. My mind drifted to these ‘things’ he spoke, and what they actually were. I shook the thoughts out from my brain and then looked back at Virgil. “So you’re human?” I asked.

Virgil let out a long sigh then smirked at me. “Yes I’m human; I’m not some monster out to get you.” Then he returned to looking out the window.

“I get you. So what about my family?”I asked him quietly.

“Your family.” He paused as he thought about his words.

“Yeah, I heard them talking while I was unconscious, they were talking to the doctor, it was difficult to make out what they were saying but—,” I began to say.

“Wait!” Virgil said brashly.

Before Virgil’s attention seemed split between our conversation, and what was happening outside, but now his attention was fully on me. “What is it?” I asked worried at his newfound interest.

“The doctor! Who was the doctor?” He asked as he put both of his hands on top of his head.

“Uh, Brooke, or—,” it was hard to remember.

“Burke?” Virgil stated in a low voice.

“Yeah that’s it, Burke.” I confirmed his correction.

Virgil’s eyes seemed to grow twice their size and his voice became serious and nervous at the same time. “Damn, this is worse than I thought. If Burke is involved you're in danger.”

“What do you mean in danger?” I asked him as my body stood up to join him.

“James, you shouldn’t be here, the fact that you’re here is not an accident. Someone did this to you.” He said as he looked into his duffle bag.

“Who?” My voice filled with worry.

“Burke.” He stated.

“Why would the doctor do this? He’s the one who’s keeping me alive!” I tried to plead his case.

“James, he wants you here for a reason, you’re different, and the way your brain works compared to the way that most people’s brains work is different. Since Burke is involved we have to tread carefully—,” he paused for a moment to choose his words. “— and because Burke is involved with this, don’t get your hopes up about waking up.”

About the Author:

I am currently a part time writer and full time government employee. Reading and writing books is one of my favorite hobbies as I enjoy every part of the story telling process. I have been working on three full-length novels for the last three years. I grew up all around the world because my father was in the United States Air Force, the past ten years I have lived just outside of Dayton, Ohio, which is where I now reside with my wife and stepson.

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  1. It sounds like an interesting plot to me.

  2. This sounds very interesting. I like the idea of being caught between life & death, but the extra plot twist of being hunted in that realm is rather exciting.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. The excerpt sounds interesting