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Guest Post & Giveaway - The Lost Prince by C.T. Hill

The Lost Prince
Author: C.T. Hill
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction 
Publisher: DIP Press
Pages: coming soon to print (May 2014)
Language: English 
Format: eBook (coming soon to print)

Book Description
The Lost Prince is the first installment of The Shadowdancer Chronicles, a series based on the life and trials of the Prince of Panthos, Kareth Maneiron, the son and heir to the Throne of the Vint.

Panthos fell amidst the chaos of deceit and betrayal. The war lasted less than a week, the genocide that followed stretched across three decades.

The world changed the night King Maras, the ruler of the Vint, took the hand of Queen Somara, the ruler of Panthos. They were married. They were bedded. And, while the city of Lilanth slept off the celebration, the Vintish King opened the city’s gates and brought forth his knights, stealing the life from thousands of Panthosi as they slumbered.

The Queen escaped. Kareth was born.

The Prince of Panthos went by many names. He was the Moon Prince, the Whispering Prince, the Dreamslayer. He was the Night Terror, the Prince of Blades, the Shadowdancer. By his birth he was Kareth Maneiron, son, and mortal enemy, of King Maras Maneiron, Ruler of the Vint.

Kareth’s cousin, a member of the ancient and deadly Uthari Sacred Guard, taught Kareth the ways of combat, the costs of killing, but it was not until he became a Child of the Shadows that his true potential surfaced. The world had not seen a fiercer warrior, not since the Man of a Thousand Faces, not since history was written on stone.

Amidst the scramble and burdened by fear, the Silent King turned to an ancient evil, one that he did not understand, and, in his dread, he released a member of the Vorai into the realm in hopes of defeating his son.

Kareth teamed up with an unlikely ally, a young serving girl named Selene, and he was forever reminded of the price that he must pay for redemption, for freedom, and for his people, at least those that had survived, to defeat persecution.

The price was more than Kareth possessed, but not more than he was willing to pay.

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Guest Post - The Inspiration Behind The Lost Prince

Inspiration for The Lost Prince came from a short story I wrote years ago called The Wash. My goal in this story was to explore the intricacies involved in the common people's rumor mill about a legendary character. It was written as an oral biography, and once the story was finished I was so intrigued with this character, Kareth, that I just knew that he was something special.

I began writing The Lost Prince shortly after finishing The Wash, and the story moved along well. Though The Wash did not go into detail about Kareth, at least not as much detail as the novel, I had a very interesting time forming the world that Kareth exists in. In my short story there are some similarities, such as the Vint, which is mentioned a few times. There are even a few of the supporting characters, or at least their names, that were used in the novel.

Much of the story evolved once I began writing The Lost Prince, and I decided that I had to move away from the oral biography and take a more traditional stance. Kareth's life, at least in its simplest form, began the night millions of people met their doom, and I really wanted his persona to reflect that tragedy. He is a hero that is in constant struggle with his own morality, with the choices he made, and continues to make, to avenge, and restore, his people. So, I think that is the main inspiration for The Lost Prince, the struggle to interpret the emotions involved with someone who has lost everything they have ever had, is what made me want to write the novel. And I think that it turned into something much more than even I expected it to be.

About the author C.T. Hill

C. T. Hill lives with his wife and daughter in North Carolina where they have two dogs, three cats, and a fish named Macklemore. He is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, and writing has been a part of his life for the last decade. He spends his free time with his family, travelling or just catching a movie, and keeps active by working out and running. After his daily requirement of coffee, he relishes getting lost in the worlds that others build, and finds solace in the classic novels as much as the epics of today.

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