Saturday 1 March 2014

BOTM - Better Than Revenge {Wattpad}

Better Than Revenge
Author: TheFlamingPopsicle
Genre: Romance / Humour

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Christian Ryder may be seen as a heartthrob by the majority of the world’s female population, but to Sophia Hastings, he might as well be the newest addition to the gorilla exhibit at the zoo.

Sophia is a young, aspiring actress with big dreams who swears having to work with Christian Ryder wouldn't be worth all the fame in the world. Christian is a cocky womanizer whose world is turned upside down when he realizes his new leading lady just so happens to openly hate his guts. Is it even possible for Christian and Sophia to learn to get along long enough to make a movie, or will hatred, scandal and childish games destroy their careers?


1. Please tell the readers a bit about yourself.

My name is Alex, and I’m a junior in high school! I spend most of my time eating, sleeping, writing, and quoting She’s The Man because it’s the greatest movie ever. I’m a rabid fangirl who belongs to a million fandoms and adores Chace Crawford. I have an inappropriate/weird sense of humor, and people rarely find things as funny as I do. Cat gifs and videos are the reason I procrastinate, and my love of cake is the reason I run.

2. What types of books do you write?

I write humor, romance, and teen fiction books. There’s usually more of an emphasis on humor in my books just because I love everything related to comedy. I’ve tried fantasy and action, but the results haven’t been pretty so far...

3. How many books have you written?

I’ve finished four books, the first two of which I just don’t speak of, and I’ve started more stories than I can finish. The finished ones and five of the ones I’ve started are on Wattpad.

4. What movie and/or book are you looking forward to this year?

Vampire Academy, for sure! I’ve been waiting for this movie to happen since middle school and am ridiculously excited! Some other movies I’m excited to go see are Divergent, 22 Jump Street, Mockingjay, and the new Captain America movie! (Chris Evans… *drool*)

5. What type of books do you enjoy reading?

Anything that can make me laugh, scream, or sob violently. I’m a sucker for cheesy romances, and cute romantic comedies? Be still my beating fangirl heart. I love strong and clever heroines and heroes I would totally marry in real life.

6. If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want with you?

1.      My laptop.
2.      A battery for my laptop that would never die.
3.      Chace Crawford.

Wow, I need to reconsider my priorities.          

7. Are you considering a sequel?

Not for Better Than Revenge, no. I think Sophia and Christian’s story has already been told, and a sequel would just be unnecessary. There could be another spin-off later, kind of like Kidnap My Heart, but no sequel!

8. What inspired you to become a writer?

Moment of truth. My inspiration was actually Twilight. I’m not a big fan of it anymore, but I was a die-hard fan when I was twelve. I started writing Emmett Cullen fan-fiction because he was my favorite, and that only lasted about a week, thank God. It was so bad! I switched to original fiction after that and stuck with it until it started getting less horrible.

I never thought I’d love it so much, but the more I write, the more I fall in love with it all. It’s been my escape the past couple years, and it’s my coping mechanism. So some people may rag on Twilight, but to me it’ll always be what led me to writing, whether I’m still a fan or not!

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