Monday 10 March 2014

BOTW - WEEK 43 {Wattpad}

64 Letters A Day
Author: DiceFab
Genre: Romance / Short Story

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Danielle Teared is a girl that her boyfriend Samual is in the marines across country. He sends her letters for 65 days, until he stops. Danielle will go through so much pain, loss, and love, sending letters for 65 days will be tough, but its between love and war.

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The Kingdom of Centaurion
Author: Arvinjanpevensie
Genre: Teen Fantasy

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Four Kingdoms, Three Warnings, Two Brothers, One Destiny 

“Only one can be crowned and not all twins are forever be bound. Take my warnings young prince and you will know that I’m telling the truth”

Fifteen years after the Queen Clessandra was lost, Dark Times has reached the Kingdom of Centaurion. Twin brothers were born and were said to save the kingdom from the hands of evil but as they were born, the Old Tale which all are feared of, will begin to affect their lives. One day, Charvrius dreams of some warnings and threats on their kingdom which can be a key or a trick in their future, a dream that will change their lives. Join the adventures of the twin brothers, Chevrius and Charvrius along with the knight Couragesonn and the rest of the Guardians in their remarkable journey that will test their faith, friendship and beliefs. A journey to protect their kingdom, save the lost spirits and souls, and to destroy the ultimate powers of evil. 

The Old tale will change their lives, forever!

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89 Messages
Author: Sherwin14M
Genre: Teen Fiction / Short Story

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Daryl is a college student and still studying in the known university in their place. The story begins in Friday morning inside the school campus during their National Service Training Program when he saw the “exotic girl” in his eyes whose name is Crizza. After months, they never expected the great news. Adrian, his friend is the boyfriend of Rena who is also a first degree cousin of Crizza. Is there any conflict to their friendship?

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Just Friends
Author: E_girl7
Genre: Teen Romance / Short Story

Wattpad Book Blurb:
It has almost been three years since they met. They were normal, ordinary friends then. That day changed her life... but now her heart is broken, shattered into pieces. What exactly happened..? Things were just not the same without him. (Based on true life events)

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Hurry Up and Save Me
Author: RoseSunshine
Genre: Teen Fiction / Mystery / Thriller

Wattpad Book Blurb
Jude Nelson doesn’t exactly has an easy life, but she makes the best of it. Living with her usually absent godmother and taking care of her young sister, Mel, Jude has little time for everything else. 

Suddenly, her life is blown into pieces and it's a race against time for her. If she truly cares for her loved ones, she has to dig deeper into something that is far more shocking than the truth. 

He is waiting in his lair to avenge what cursed his life. To fight him, Jude has to know his game and play the right card... quickly. He is the master, she has to be the challenger.

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