Monday 17 March 2014

BOTW - WEEK 44 {Wattpad}

My Life I Left
Author: DiceFab
Genre: Action / Adventure

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Trish is a high tact thief everyone is after her, but she steals to keep her son alive but one day George the dective that been looking for her finds her.

She runs with her son heading to South America starting a new life, but what happens when it comes with twist and turns of bumping into a guy name Micheal.

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The Dream
Author: Ashutoshmoru
Genre: Teen Fiction / Paranormal

Wattpad Book Blurb:

Dreams can be beautiful and filled with happiness, but for some Dreams turn into nightmares, Twisted and Dark.

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The Unborn Mist
Author: JuveriaB
Genre: Paranormal

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Elizabeth Mist faces the worst tragedies of her life, after aborting her second child. Haunted by the spirit, tormented by her guilt, the young woman tries her level best to protect her loved ones. Will she keep her family safe or lose herself while she does?

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Author: Emory Swara
Genre: Teen Fantasy

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Growing up with a step-mother that could care less if she existed and a father that abandoned her at a young age, Lily Blackmoor mostly took care of herself, and her younger brother Sebastian, on her own. Teased relentlessly through elementary and middle school, she didn't have it much better at school. It wasn’t until her small, tabby cat Blink lured her into a magical hideaway that everything changed.

He wasn’t what he seemed and was on a mission to bring her back to her home world. But the road back is hard and deadly, and there are conditions before they can make the journey. It’s not until she is so close to meeting those conditions that the least likely person shows up making everything more complicated.

In the meantime, her brother Sebastian is having terrible nightmares, that at first he shrugs off, but when it’s clear they are trying to tell him something; he starts to listen. The message: Lily, if not stopped, will leave a wake of destruction over the Earth, and it’s up to him to stop her.

Told from different characters point of view, Numinous is a story of magic, power and adventure, love and fear, trials and suffering, and of faith.

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Author: ilovebritishboys1
Genre: Teen Romance / Fan Fiction

Wattpad Book Blurb:
"I love you" I whispered in his ear as he put me in his warm embrace and held my hand into his.

"You really do?" He asked while he was drawing circles on the top of my hand with his thumb.

"Yes" I can't hide it any more. I have loved him since the day I met him. I know I'm not good at showing it, but I do know that I love him with all my heart and I'm ready to spent the rest of my life with him.

"I love you more Alice, you're my wonderwall" He said and he kissed me passionately. Fighting for him was hard, but I know it's worth it.

Read the story of Zayn Malik and Alice Evans, two people very different from each other, that are determined to keep their love alive even at the darkest times. But is their love strong enough to overcome all the obstacles that show up on the way?...

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