Friday 17 March 2017

Indiesphere Feature - Ride High Pineapple by Jenny Woolsey

Ride High Pineapple
Author: Jenny Woolsey
Genre: Upper Middle-Grade / Coming of Age

Book Description:
Issy Burgess is in Year Nine at Pinnaroo High. She hoped this year would be different, but it’s turning out to be just as bad as Year Eight was.

Follow Issy through her journal, as she tries to deal with The Beast who calls her ‘Froggy eyes’, ‘Fish Face’ and other cruel names, bouts of paralysing anxiety, feeling ugly, friendship ups and downs, and a crush on Tim - the cutest boy in her class.

Can Issy’s passion for skateboarding help her?

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About the Author
Author, Blogger, Speaker, Teacher, Youth Worker. Advocate for facial differences, mental illness, and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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