Friday 17 March 2017

Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway - Tattooed Angels Trilogy by Valerie Willis

Tattooed Angels Trilogy Book 1
Valerie Willis
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Book Description:

High school life is almost over, but Hotan's life as an immortal has only just started...

Already struggling with a mountain of hardships, Hotan is just trying to get his diploma as his mother had always insisted. Friends know if he's not at home or at the club playing in his band, you can always find him thinking at the old broken down church. Basking in the moonlight, Hotan finds himself under attack by an immortal named Geliah, the element of Fear. Talib, the element of Judgment, interrupts the fight, furious that Geliah would force Hotan to awaken his own abilities and immortality. Normally when pulled out of the reincarnation spell, an immortal would remember whom and what they were, but he is not the Hotan from the Past. Walk beside him as he struggles to keep his chaotic life in order as he tries to break the secrets of his own element, Rebirth.

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Tattooed Angels Trilogy Book 2

Book Description:
Talib and Hotan find themselves facing off with the element of Death, Iapetos. Failing to take him out, Talib's life starts flashing before him. As he experiences thousands of years, things that were once forgotten begin to emerge. Will he find the answer in his past in time to aid Hotan?

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About the Author
Valerie Willis, a sixth generation Floridian, launched her first book, Cedric the Demonic Knight, at the start of 2014 on Since then, she has continued to add to The Cedric Series, a high-rated Paranormal Fantasy Romance Series. This series features an anti-hero who finds himself dragged away from his revenge on his maker by both love and the onset of a larger threat. She pulls in a melting pot of mythology, folklore, history and more into her work with a remarkable amount of foreshadowing that makes reading her books a second time exciting. Rebirth is the first book in her Teen Urban Fantasy, the Tattooed Angels Trilogy, where the main character struggles with social issues with the complications of turning immortal. And if fantasy isn't your cup of tea, head over to her Blog for some "Val, Tell me a Story" posts featuring true, hilarious, and sometimes bizarre, life events from recent to old.

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  1. i don't know that I've ever read urban fantasy

  2. I love urban fantasy books!

  3. Urban fantasy is more common, but not always labeled as such. A great example of a Dark Urban Fantasy for adults would be Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" where everything unfolds in the world as we know it but adds this amazing fantasy element to everyday life. Tattooed Angels does this and even start to pull in Alternative History in order to help build a tangible involvement. Most paranormal books or even Young Adult magic books, like Harry Potter, fall or use many of the definitions of Urban Fantasy to help connect real life to a magical one. I LOVE THIS GENRE!