Wednesday 1 March 2017

Book Blast & Giveaway - Into Shadow by T.D. Shields

Into Shadow
Author: T.D. Shields
Genre: YA Dystopian

Book Description:
She’s nineteen. The President’s daughter. They want her dead.

Poppy’s father may be the President of the North American Alliance, but that just makes her a target for those wishing to topple the regime.

Barely escaping with her life, she must travel across a country ravaged by war and climate change to seek safety amongst a people who only recently opposed her. There she must use every skill learned from her military upbringing to survive terrifying beasts, deadly plant life, and lawless gangs before finally finding a group willing to accept her.

But her peace soon proves to be illusory. It’s not only the government that wants her dead now.

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I ran like lightning to get out of reach of those long arms. I would have to zigzag, duck, and pray that the mech wouldn’t be able to target me long enough to hit me with the long-distance stunner that compensated for the mech’s lack of speed.

I could hear the mech clunking closer. In a matter of moments, it would reach the end of the row of shelves and see me in the corner. I eased my way down the aisle and around the corner. Using the shelves as cover, I stood pressed against the solid end piece so that I couldn’t be seen by the mech now making its way toward the break room door. At each aisle crossing, I peeked carefully around the end of the shelves to be sure the mech was not there to see me and then dashed across the exposed space to hide behind the next end piece.

After a dozen tiny sprints, I had almost reached the exit. I just had to make it from this last shelf to the door. Once I was on the street, I would run for my life and hope to lose myself in a crowd. I sure hoped there was a crowd out there somewhere close.

I looked back one last time to be sure that the mech hadn’t come around the corner, then burst from behind the shelf and raced for the door. And that’s when I crashed into the second mech, which had apparently been standing quietly near the door the whole time.

About the Author
After writing stories in her head for the last 30+ years, Tara finally decided to take a stab at writing them down to share them with others.

Tara has a husband, 4 kids, and 5 cats to care for along with a full-time job and contract work on the side, so finding time to write is the biggest challenge. Since her most productive hours are from 12-5 a.m. anyway, Tara usually gives up sleep in favor of writing.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my book today! I'd love to answer any questions from you or your readers. :-)

  2. The book description and excerpt sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing. Love the cover too.