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Blog Tour Guest Post - Julie & Kishore: Take Two by Carol Jackson

Julie & Kishore: Take Two
Author: Carol Jackson
Genre: Inter-Racial Romance/Romance
Length: 132 pages
Release Date: September 15, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1516994731

Book Description:
Julie & Kishore - Take Two follows straight on from my first book Julie & Kishore. The young couple, as newlyweds arrive home to New Zealand from India.

They settle into normal life and things are going right on track. Julie finally starts putting the preparations in place to fulfil her lifelong dream of having a white wedding. Then – just when life seems to be running smoothly, a curve ball is thrown, plans are disrupted and an unexpected trip to India has to be made. Are there more unexpected surprises waiting for them when they arrive? Just how will Julie & Kishore cope this time?

Will Julie ever get her long awaited big white wedding?

This book continues with Julie & Kishore's journey in life and love as an inter-racial couple. 

This is a fictional story.

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Julie & Kishore – Take Two

Julie & Kishore – Take Two follows directly on from my first book, Julie & Kishore.

Both of my books are loosely based on the life of myself and my Indian born husband.  We met and married more than 25 years ago in my home country, New Zealand where he immigrated in the mid 1980’s.  As with the first book, the base of the story is true but to make it more interesting for the reader, I have added more ‘spice’.

The planning of the second story began while I was at the beginning stages of thinking of writing the first, I always knew I would spread the story over two books.

At the end of my first book, Julie & Kishore, the couple, after an unexpected but well-executed lavish Indian wedding, are in a taxi, on their way to New Delhi airport to return to New Zealand. Julie & Kishore – Take Two begins with the couple about to land at Auckland airport.

For them, life goes well over the next few months, Julie and her Mother begin the planning of Julie’s lifelong dream of having a big white wedding. Unexpectedly the couple find they have to make the decision to return to India, just ten months after their previous visit. Julie & Kishore decide to save money by getting married in a registry office so they can travel around while they are in India. In my real life, I did not have a registry office marriage, but I have been to a couple of these types of ceremonies, so I could use this knowledge for Julie & Kishore. Although I did write, in a round-about-way about certain instances that did happen at my own wedding.

Julie & Kishore return to India and go to Jaipur, New Delhi and Agra, which is the home of the Taj Mahal. I have actually made this journey myself (which is known as the Golden Triangle) and could relay my own experiences of visiting these cities in my writing – which includes the amazing sights, diverse ever changing landscape and not to mention the experience of actually being at the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal itself.

While they are in New Delhi Julie & Kishore meet a person who turns out to be a childhood friend of Kishore’s. He realises that this was the girl that, in a round-about-way, he was betrothed to marry. The idea of this scenario arose from my own comical husband who is always joking with me that he has a ‘secret wife and children back in India.’ Of course this is not true, but it gave me a good idea for the storyline. Priyanka, who is the childhood friend of Kishore, is an extremely beautiful woman and it is no wonder that Julie becomes quite jealous. Over the years, I have watched many Indian movies and the female actors are like Priyanka, very attractive, she is my impression of a stunning Indian actress.

The two books that I have written about Julie & Kishore are complete but my writing continues. I am currently writing a third book called Nina’s Art which has many of the same characters but is a totally different story.

About the Author
I am born, bred and live in Auckland, New Zealand. In real life, just like my books, I am married to an Indian man. My husband and I have been together for more than twenty years. Friends and family urged me to write a book about us, finally I found the time.

Julie & Kishore is loosely based on my life, although I have changed too much of the content to call it non-fiction.

I have written two books, Julie & Kishore and the sequel, Julie & Kishore – Take Two. I am currently writing a third, Nina’s Art, which involves many of the same characters but is a different story.

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