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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway - The Hybrid by Venus Morales

The Hybrid
(The Hybrid Series #1)
Author: Venus Morales
Publication Date: February 9th, 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Book Description:
Ari is the daughter of Ares, the God of War. Half goddess and half Phoenician, she is raised by her father in secrecy until her 18th birthday, when he is forced to return to Olympus.

She chooses not follow her father, and decides to venture out into the mortal realm. There, Ari crosses paths with the archangel Julius, who bears a message from a seer. Ari must return to the Bayou to her late mother's coven to regain her family crown, she is soon fighting for more than just the crown; she is fighting for her life, and the inner darkness that's consuming her.

With 7 days to prepare for her trials and 7 days to fight for her life, Ari does the one thing she must do to survive; she forges herself into the weapon she was born to be.

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“No holding back, angel boy, regardless, understood?”
    He grinned back, before coming fast at me with his right dagger in a round arc, clashing down with my Sai as his other hand came thrusting forward, nearly missing my shoulder. I only stepped out of his reach by a nanosecond. The shock of how close he came to puncturing my shoulder had taken me by surprise.
    I started to concentrate harder, moving faster, only to see that Julius was meeting me stroke for stroke with every move I made. Every step forward I took thrusting my Sai, his dagger was there clashing and breaking my connection. I gritted my teeth as he smirked back.
    Inside I could feel my darkness stirring at my core. I have never had anyone be my equal. Fury flowed through me, it swirled inside me like a tsunami. I could feel my eyes glowing. We both moved faster and faster until we both were nothing but blurs moving all about the room, with metal clashing back and forth with sparks forming from the friction.
     I was letting my emotions control me, rather than I control them, until I made one stupid mistake, and Julius’ dagger sliced straight down my back. I cried out as I fell to my knees.
    Panting and breathless in absolute agony, I was kneeled over on all fours with blood dripping down the sides of my back. Julius rushed over to my side and dropped to the floor. He reached out his hand, wanting to touch me. The pain coursing through me burned as if a fire was licking my backside.
    “I’m sorry, Ari,” he breathed out.
    I shook my head. “No, I lost focus.” I tried to calm myself and waited for my back to mend itself back together.
    “You’re letting your emotions control you,” Julius said.
    “I know that!” I yelled. I bit down on my lip and held back my cries. “I’ve never fought anyone like you,” I admitted.
    His eyes widened with surprise, taken aback by my words. “If you can’t control your emotions, you won’t be able to beat me. Once you do, I will be nothing.”
     “How do I control them?”
    We sat on the floor across from one another with our legs crossed.
    “Do you trust me?”
    I nodded.
    “I want you to close your eyes.”
    I was hesitant at first, but after a few moments I did as he asked.
    The energy that rolled off of him was intense. I could feel it over every fiber of my being. It caressed the outer layer of me, trying to find an entryway into my body. I held my barriers up like a shield of titanium. Rheain stirred around inside me, scratching at the barriers as she tried to reach out to his energy like a caged animal.
    I could feel him applying more and more pressure until it stung, not a painful sting but an addictive zap. I wanted to give in and pull his energy into myself and intertwine my energy with his. Rheain begged for me to let her reach out and grab him. I was afraid of what she might do. She growled and scratched rabidly, like a savage animal. I was trying with all my might to contain her. I was weakening rapidly.
    His hand caressed my cheek, tripling my torment. An electrical surge ran right through me down into the pit of my stomach. The fire from my core spread fast down into my legs and up into my chest and arms.
    “OH, NO!”

About the Author
Who am I, you ask? I am a woman who wears many hats. A mother of 3 wonderful boys is my first and for most priority, and from there it trickles down. I’m a wife, a cook, a house cleaner and a mommy to two dogs and a lazy loveable cat. Then there’s my ulternate life.. The writer  she is the kid who refuses to grow up. Stuck in a mind state of a teenager, who still has imaginary friends. The two halfs of me get along great!! As long as I let the writer out and listen to my imaginary friends tell me their story, then there’s no conflict. If I keep her caged up too long… Well… You know what they say, when you keep the beast caged up to long, it gets angry.

The life of a writer is who your born to be, not a job you just take on. It’s who I am.

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  1. this sounds really gripping! It's one of those books you can't put down till you've finished it

  2. Hello Venus, the Hybrid sounds awesome! Looking forward to reading your book. Thank you

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  4. The Hybrid sounds really interesting! Beautiful cover!