Thursday 30 April 2015

Book Of The Month - The Dragon Scale Lute {Wattpad}

And the Book Of The Month Award goes to:

The Dragon Scale Lute
Author: J.C. Kang
Genre: Fantasy

Book Description (from Wattpad):
Fourteen-year-old Princess Kaiya has a voice that could charm a dragon, but her homeland’s ambitious lords consider her little more than a singing fool.   Only Prince Hardeep-- a foreigner whose homeland is occupied by an aggressive neighbor--  takes interest in her musical talents... and her.

If she can learn to channel the magic in the Dragon Scale Lute, she can put down a brewing rebellion and maybe even save his homeland as well.

The Dragon Scale Lute is the first in a series of four novels, combining the political intrigue of Game of Thrones, the magic diversity of The Last Airbender, the epic fantasy setting of Middle Earth and the cross-cultural conflicts of Civilization.

Main character:

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