Wednesday 18 February 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Scott's Solace by Lyn Brittan

Scott's Solace
Author: Lyn Brittan
Genre: NA Paranormal

Book Description:
A standalone novella following the Gormly Clan...

When Jessica left the farm to start over in the city, she had her future all laid out. Too bad her plan for success went from super awesome to complete crap in twenty seconds, and all because of that stupid lightning catcher, Scott Ares. He looked a lot different from their small town days, all suited up and stuff, and it's not necessarily a bad look...

The only thing standing between Scott and his plan to destroy his father is Jessica Freaking Solak. The nerd he knew then and the tattooed motorcycle riding chick in front of him now couldn't be more different. Still, she's in the way and has gotta go. Although, it shouldn't cause too much drama if he kissed her once or twice first.

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I was in two minds about this book. I was expecting a paranormal romance but instead got a romance novel that hinted at paranormal elements but not quite delving into the world of Lightning Catchers. While I understood, to a certain extent, the capabilities attributed to being a Lightning Catcher, I didn't see the significance of having such an ability in this story. The paranormal angle didn't come into play much and was in no way a driving force of the story, so it just left me wondering why it was mentioned. It also left me feeling a little empty. I was looking forward to finding out about the world of Lightning Catchers but all I got was a blank canvas.

The story wasn't unpleasant by any means. It was a good romance novel. This is a story about two people with more differences than similarities but manage to tolerate each other enough to find a connection. In a bid to prove to themselves that they can survive in the big world on their own, they agree to become business partners in the property industry, though neither of them have any experience in real estate. It was interesting watching the two of them manoeuvre around each other as they both tried to find their place in the world.

This is written as a standalone novella but it didn't feel complete to me. It felt as though it was missing key ingredients. Take Scott, for instance. He has built up quite a rage and vendetta against his father that it has completely taken over his life. His father appeared in one scene, and the proposed dominance and threat he imposed upon Scott throughout the whole story did not reveal itself at any point during their confrontation. This diminished his father's presence thereby negating the conflict deemed to have been present between the two characters. The story didn't live up to its promises. If you're after a decent romance story, then you will like this book. It wasn't my cup of tea.



Award: Bronze
Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars
Source: Review copy via Red Moon Book Tours

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