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Blog Tour Interview - Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy by Lisa and Michael Cohn

Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy
Author: Lisa and Michael Cohn
Publisher: Canines and Kids Publishing
Pages: 40
Genre: Children’s/Pets
Format: Paperback

Book Description:
From an award-winning Mom-Son team featured on the Today Show, Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy is a contemporary boy-and-dog book. Bash's dog, Lucy, helps coach his soccer team, and Lucy leads the team to the championships by kissing the players and making them laugh. But Bash is overcome with jealousy when Lucy enchants a team of Special Olympics kids who say they want her to coach their team. Can Bash overcome his jealousy and learn to share Lucy with kids who say they need her? This is Book Two in the Bash and Lucy series, following Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence, a Mom's Choice Silver Award winner and finalist, USA Best Book Awards.

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Author Interview

1. Tell us a bit about your writing background. How did you get started writing?
I began writing as a third grader. I wrote poems and stories for my mother. Later, she enrolled me in a school where we wrote every day. My friends and I wrote “Sherlock Leslie and Lisakins” stories, based on Sherlock Holmes, and we read them aloud almost every day. In college, I studied to be a teacher, then began a journalist instead, earning a master’s in journalism. My first jobs focused on writing about energy and environmental issues. Since then, I’ve written about parenting, business, dogs, and the arts. My first two books received numerous awards, but my favorite project is writing the “Bash and Lucy” book series with my 6-year-old son, Michael.

2. Who/What were your earliest influences?
Alice Hoffman and John Irving were early favorite authors.

3. Did you face any early challenges to finding success in writing?
My first challenge was my first job. I worked for an editor who insisted that the writers do investigative reports of scammers in the energy industry. It was hard because the targets of those articles often got very angry. However, I learned a lot about reporting. All along, I’ve been able to find work as a writer. However, making money writing books is a huge challenge. Mostly it’s a labor of love and consumes money!

4. What are your favorite books as a reader today?
What qualities in them appeal to you? Right now I spend a lot of time reading children’s books with my son, so I feel most qualified to talk about them. I love Nate the Great books. They’re funny, incredibly well written, and the characters are so well done. I’m a big fan of Henry and Mudge books, too, for similar reasons.

5. What do you do outside your writing life?
I’m busy with my three children. We hike, read, care for our dog, and participate in the arts. My daughter is an actress; I spend a lot of time volunteering at her school and doing publicity for her shows and her school’s shows. My youngest, co-author Michael and I, love to play with the dog, read, read, go on outings and go to the gym. We take our books everywhere with us and read in the car, at the gym and in restaurants!

6. What encouragement helped you along the way?
My mother was very supportive of my writing, beginning in 4th grade, when she sent me to a school where I wrote every day. My teachers were also very supportive of me, and encouraged me to become a writer. I also take part in writing groups. One writing group was very influential in ensuring I wrote my first book. My best friend is a writer and she’s a critical part of everything I write. So is my daughter, who is one of my main readers.

7. What advice do you have for beginning writers?
Focus on feeling and detail. Write about things that are important to you—not about things you think will be popular. Share your work with lots of people and find a few readers you can trust. Join a writing group. When you start sending your work out, understand that being rejected is part of the writer’s life.

8. What's up next for your fans?
Michael and I will continue our Bash and Lucy series. We hope to release one book a year, along with an audiobook.

9. What has been your biggest compliment?
My biggest compliments are readers’ responses to my work. I wrote a story for Mothering about breastfeeding my daughter many years ago and was very touched by the readers who responded saying I gave them courage to breastfeed in public. More recently, I cry every time I get a nice review of our latest book!

10. Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans and readers?
I love getting feedback and visiting schools. If you’d like us to visit your school (via Skype in the classroom), or if you have a comment or suggestion, email us at

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About the Authors
Lisa Cohn and Michael Cohn, age 6, are an award-winning mom-son team. They have appeared on the Today Show, on SiriusXM Radio, in Disney’s Babble, in the Oregonian, on AM Northwest, and in many other media. Their first book, Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence, won a Mom’s Choice Silver Award and was named finalist, USA Best Book Awards. Lisa’s articles have appeared in national publications, including the Christian Science Monitor, Mothering, Mamalode, Parenting and Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers. Michael reviews children’s books on the authors’ YouTube channel. His video reviews are filmed in taxis, libraries, ski lodges, bookstores, parks and gyms! Lisa and Michael visit schools in person and via Skype.

Their latest book is the children’s book, Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy.

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