Saturday 31 January 2015

Book Of The Month - Creating Monsters {Wattpad}

And the Book Of The Month Award goes to:

Creating Monsters
The Prophecies Saga
by Danielle F. & Elizabeth W.
Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Description (from Wattpad):
Immensa—home to the mortals, ancient magic, fearsome creatures, and otherworldly turmoil.

Rebellion is spoken about in whispers to the North in the Kingdom of Nightingale. Isaac Thorn, a self-righteous young man with a haunting past, holds the keys to the rise of this new empire. An ancient power granted onto him by the god Norak allowing him to see the souls and treachery of any person he touches. Even King Botolf, chosen ruler by the Goddess through years of tradition, isn’t safe from him.

Enlisting the help of friend and foe alike, the battle for revolution is afoot. But, will they be able to prepare themselves in time or will the secret leak out, sentencing them all to death?

All the while, word of a prophecy that has been fulfilled spreads through the lands. The Goddess has finally picked her Chosen.

Click here to read the book.

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