Saturday 31 January 2015

Book Blitz & Giveaway - The Echo of Her Presence by Alaina Stanford

We are so excited to spotlight book 3 of the Archangel series today! Let's take a look at this great book.

The Echo of Her Presence
by Alaina Stanford

Book Description:
Ariel has proven her prowess on the battlefield. Still since the Great War she has maintained a low profile allowing her fellow archangels to take a leading role. Just as she finally strikes out on her own she meets a stubborn Texas cattle rancher named Orson Anderson. His steely blue eyes and bold Texan attitude immediately set her on the defense. Yet it's her job to save Texas from a wicked drought, but it's not going to be that easy. While gently urging nature to move moisture into Texas, she discovers demons at work in the oil fields.

Her small task quickly escalates. Suddenly the entire nation is at risk and it's up to her to save it.

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Even angel’s get sunburnt. Ariel’s ivory skin held a light pink glow. The Texan sun was merciless. She gazed across the cattle range searching for her target. The drought was real enough. Even the usually humid Texas air was so dry the sweat didn’t have time to form on her skin. Her long chestnut hair flowed freely about her shoulders as a hot wind brushed against her.

She left her wings extended in an attempt to shade her bare arms and back. A tan top and jeggings were a bad choice of wardrobe for today.  Neither were the white tennis shoes on this rocky soil. The unhindered sunlight illuminated the  cobalt blue center of her wings that were wrapped in a deep purple hue which sprang from an emerald green base. Her wings ended with a thin tan border. “SPF 50,” she muttered, licking her parched lips. “And a side of icy bottled water. That would make my day.”

Bringing rain to a drought plagued land was a slow process. Ariel found the dry stream bed she was searching for and glanced up at the sky. She spread her arms out wide and closed her eyes, concentrating. If she pulled storm clouds to her too quickly the resulting storms could devastate the entire southern region of the US. High winds, Tornados, flash floods, and destructive lightening running ramped across the land would not put her in favor with the Big Guy.

She wiggled her fingers as her thoughts flowed west across Texas toward Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. The jet stream ran directly across Mexico from the ocean toward Texas. Then she reached north past New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada to the jet stream that rushed across California and down into Texas. She gently pulled moisture toward Texas. It would take several days possibly a week or more for enough moisture to build and move into the state. She had to bring it slowly to avoid torrential rains that would do nothing more than produce run off and flooding.

About the Author
I have one of those brains that won't turn off at night. Many nights I would distract my intellect by revamping a movie, book or TV show in my mind. I would twist and turn the plots and characters to achieve the ending I preferred. That developed into side stories about my favorite minor characters. Each night I fell asleep in the middle of a grand adventure. It wasn't long before I began to create stories of my own and put pen to paper.

I love a good adventure. I love a good romance. As the mother of seven children, I also learned to love to play video games. One day it occurred to me to write an adventure that flowed like a video game and I added a touch of romance. Thus, Hypnotic Journey was born. The HJ characters are like a family to me. They are foolish, daring, resourceful, passionate and dedicated to their friends.

My love for Science Fiction gave birth to the Treborel Series. It’s a paranormal Sci-Fi romance featuring a psychotic villain and a multiple layer of hero's fighting to survive the chaos.

I write about how friendship and love can carry you through situations that you might not otherwise survive. You will find my stories exciting and steamy, but I am not an erotic writer. My stories fade to dark when the steam begins to rise, but take it from me, the steam does rise and emotions do soar.

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