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Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway - Yesterday People by Terri Herman-Ponce

Yesterday People
by Terri Herman-Ponce

Book Description:
David Bellotti’s only focus is to find his abducted twelve-year old daughter. When he sees her on a news segment with her captor, a renowned archaeologist who’s made a major discovery, David sets out to bring her back home. But the search leads him to a secret message that could alter man’s history forever.

A message David and his daughter inscribed twelve-thousand years ago.

A message that will prove dangerous in the wrong hands.

Protecting this powerful information seems simple until David realizes some people will use his daughter against him to get it, at whatever the cost. Now David must make a choice. Protect mankind from a secret past that must remain hidden, or save his little girl.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Mom sat quiet and I didn’t know what that meant. Mom was never quiet.

“What are you thinking?” I asked her.

Her eyes lifted and she smiled, giving me an innocent look I didn’t buy.

I felt my own eyes narrow. “What do you know?”

She reached out and pressed a palm to my cheek. “I know you need a shave.”

“I need you to tell me what you’re thinking.”

“What?” she said with outstretched arms. “I’m not allowed to think?”

“Thinking for you is always dangerous.”

She tossed back what was left of her tequila. “Okay,” she said over a shrug. “You’re not going to like it, but here it goes. I can see your mind is on something else, Bubbala.”

“Can we try this in English, now?”

She rolled her eyes. “Such defiance.”

“I inherited that from you.”

The levity in her expression disappeared and she pressed her lips together. “What are your memories like lately? I understand they’re coming in bunches now.”

I looked at Lottie. “You told her?”

It was Lottie’s turn to give me the palms up.


I made to leave but Mom sat up straight and grabbed my arm. “Sit.”

I did, but only because her fingers were digging into my forearm. A sure sign she was worried.

“You know your past lives tie into your present one, yes?” she asked.

I nodded.

“And I understand you’re seeing more images of your daughter. That your memories of Ada, from when you lived as Makra and as her father during that time, are becoming more frequent and even a little erratic. Like pieces that don’t fit together.”

“Yeah. So?”

“So, he says.” Mom looked at Lottie like I was the village idiot, then her attention swung back to me. “You can’t let this continue. There are pieces of your past that you need to resolve. The whole yin and yang thing. Know what I mean?”

I didn’t.

“Bubbala.” She patted my cheek again. “Bubbala, Bubbala, Bubbala. You need help, and I think that if you open up to understanding those memories then you can figure out what is going on with Ada, too.”

“She’s missing. What else is there to understand?” I looked at Lottie now. “Am I missing something here?”

Lottie shrugged. “Obviously, the theory of past lives isn’t theory anymore, David. If you engage in regression therapy and open yourself to the possibilities of what reincarnation means, maybe you can uncover what you need to find Ada now. In a way, that’s how you found me when I was abducted.”

“That was different.”

“Why?” both Mom and Lottie asked.

“Because Lottie is part of my soul. I'm linked to her in a way I’m not linked to Ada.”

“That isn’t true,” Mom said.

“David.” Lottie pulled her chair in closer to mine. “I think I have an alternative that you might be able to use to find Ada.”

“Okay,” I said, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear it.

“I met with Dr. Berzet at Grant University this morning. He’s a professor of ancient civilizations and mystical practices. I did some research on him before I met with him,” she said, “and he’s got a research team that works with people who have experienced past life regressions. Like me they use hypnosis to reveal reincarnations. But until now he’s never had access to anyone who has actual proof of previous existences, and he wants to study those existences and try to corroborate them with historical events. He believes doing so is the only way to uncover what really happened in man’s history.”

This came as a surprise. Lottie and I had been talking to each other every day, sometimes several times a day, since I left to find Ada. She hadn’t brought this up once.

“Anyway,” she said, “I’m thinking that maybe he can help.” She went quiet for a bit. Gauging my reaction, probably. “I didn’t say anything until now because I know how you feel about your job at PROs.”

“It’s not just that—”

“This is wonderful,” Mom said. “How would this work?”

“I’m not sure, but our lives seem to have many connections and maybe there’s a connection with a past life with Ada, and David’s present life with her. A memory we haven’t uncovered yet that could lead us to her.” Lottie shifted in her chair. “I have an invitation to return tomorrow to begin research with Dr. Berzet. If we want.” She looked at me again. “I know how this must sound to you. And I know how hard it’s been for you to accept that past lives and reincarnations are real, and that you’re still uncertain emotionally and mentally. But I think it’s worth serious consideration.”

About the Author:
Terri looks for any opportunity to make stuff up. She thinks anything that can’t so easily be explained is worth an extra look and often makes a great story. She loves red wine, scotch, sunrises, Ancient Egypt, the beach—and a host of other stuff that would take too much real estate to talk about. The youngest of five children, Terri lives with her husband and son on Long Island. And, in her next life, if she hasn’t moved on to somewhere else, she wants to be an astronomer. Terri’s fascinated with the night skies almost as much as she’s fascinated with ancient Egypt.

Terri is a member of member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, and you can read about her at

If you love social media, you can also find Terri on Facebook at and on Twitter at

Come visit. She’d love to hear from you!


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  2. Hello, everyone, and thanks for having me here today. I'm so excited to be able to share these sneak peeks from Yesterday People, and all the feedback I've been getting along the way. Hoping to share a great day with you all.

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