Monday 25 August 2014

Book Of The Week: Fear Of The Dark by Emily Godhand

Fear Of The Dark
Genre: Paranormal / Horror

Book Summary (from Wattpad):
All Annie Walker wanted to do was find her friend Kerri and go back to a normal college life, but after a chance encounter with a mysterious private investigator, it's not only her leisurely life in Denver that's in danger. 

As Annie starts to see ghosts and glimpses of things that should not be, she wonders if she has gone mad, or if there just might have been something to the PI's mention of the "Otherworld" between life and death.

When an amateur sleuth goes missing, V Park, a former missing persons detective turned paranormal investigator, finds herself forced to turn to her Otherworld contacts to help her hunt down the young woman. But her search dredges up more than she expected when she finds ghosts and dark cultists as well.

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