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Blog Tour Guest Post & Giveaway - Betrayal by Lara Morgan

by Lara Morgan

From fantasy writer Lara Morgan comes the second in her engrossing, enchanting, exciting Twins of Saranthium trilogy, perfect for curbing Game of Thrones withdrawals.

Shaan and Tallis have escaped from the fallen god, Azoth, but his dark shadow stretches over the enslaved the people of the Wild Lands and the terrifying army of humanserpent warriors. War is coming, but the Council of Nine turn from the twins and their tales of Azoth's menace, focusing instead on a war on the Free Lands.

Meanwhile, the Four Lost Gods have awoken, ready to reclaim the Birthstone currently in Azoth's possession. But rather than the saviours Shaan and Tallis needed, the Four begin to exert terrible control over the people of Saranthium. With Tallis struggling to control the might power within, and Shaan attempting to resist the pull of Azoth, the twins are under assault from all sides. Victory may still be possible, but only through a devastating act of betrayal.

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Writing ideas are like buses, but not the kind with comfortable seats and good drivers. Writing idea buses have springs that poke up and boing you in the bum,  lights that go on and off depending on how bumpy the road is and the drivers never arrive on time and frequently are slightly drunk and argumentative. The also never have the right change and will  refuse to give refunds to spite you even if they cost you huge amounts of time and lead to nothing.

Well that’s my take on it anyway because people often ask where I get the ideas for books and really they sort of just arrive but are generally one big mess which I then have to sort out. It wasn’t any different with Betrayal either, despite it being the second book in a series. I had some sort of road map when I started because of where book one, Awakening, ended, but the whole plot itself was blurry; like looking through a cloudy wine glass at a complicated puzzle.

So I guess you could say I’m more of a ‘pantser’ than a ‘plotter’ when it comes to getting the job done – though I have plotter aspirations, I’m deluded that way.  Each time I start a book I try to do a better outline, add more detail, break down the scenes – and for Betrayal I did do that, compared to Awakening – but I still ended up changing so many things that by the end it was all pretty different.

Of course this is all the characters fault. They drink too much you see, it’s the world they live in. Saranthium has some very good wine and the bars are cheap so the characters often frequent them in their down time when someone else is getting kidnapped or maimed by one of the returned insane gods, or perhaps indulging in some seduction scene (tries not to look at Balkis and Shaan ) or out riding a serpent to save the human race or something heroic like that (Don’t look so self satisfied Tallis). The result of all this drunken debauched behaviour is the characters become quite impossible to deal with and insist on doing their own thing and changing all my hard scratched out work. Even the serpents. I mean have you ever tried arguing with an inebriated serpent? They tend to just bite off a limb so you have to be a bit careful with them. And the gods of course.  Azoth especially is impossible after a few reds and threatens to turn you into a serpent human hybrid if you mention the Void, or how perhaps he should brush his hair.

So what’s an author to do? Just go with it really, it’s the only way to finish the book.  Trying to make your character fit their kicking feet into your neat plot device is wasted effort, and sometimes their ideas are even really good and make the story better than you thought possible. (Seriously Azoth do you have to look so smug? Just because you suggested I…..well no perhaps we won’t tell them that, care for a red?)

About the Author
Lara Morgan has loved fantasy since her mother first read her The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (those Dark Riders still give her the shivers) and her book shelves are stacked precariously with more fantastical adventures than she will probably be able to read in one lifetime. She loves feisty heroines and heroes with depth and prefers to create villains in shades of grey rather than black and white, taking a tip from one of her personal heroes Joss Whedon who said: “All villains believe they are the hero of the story”.

Lara also writes for young adults and you can find her online at or blogging when she has time and on twitter @Lara_Morgan.

She lives in Geraldton, Western Australia, with her husband and son.

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