Monday 4 August 2014

Book Of The Week: Decemberland by JulianAR

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Book Summary:
The Elbionic race, also known as "elves," is all but extinct, forced to call a world dominated by humans home. Their culture dissipated, their ancestry only found in history books, and what's left of their magic is scattered across the globe inside material objects. Nico, an elf and a magic thief, has made her way to a small village town between two mountains called Pierce Valley in search of one of these mythical magic items. But after six months of searching, even a headstrong member of the once great People such as herself is finding the trial wearing. Luckily for her, there are rumors going around town about a witch that lives in the forest next to the Valley, and she comes out at night to feast on the flesh of the townsfolk as a sacrificial tribute to the dark gods she serves.

It's just the lead Nico needs. In order to find this "witch," Nico enlists the aid of the only human friend she's ever made-the eye-patched enigma, Trust. But there's more to him than meets the "eye," and he's quite enthusiastic about helping Nico... 

As she digs deeper into the mystery of the witch, her discoveries will lead her into cataclysmic events that cross paths with monsters, machines, and gods alike. And when it all ends, her fate, as well as the world, may be changed forever.

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