Tuesday 26 August 2014

Blog Tour Guest Post - I Wish by E.B. Tatby

I Wish
Author: E.B. Tatby
Publisher: Dream Tag
Pages: 329
Genre: YA/Fantasy
Format: Kindle

Book Summary:
All her life, sixteen-year-old Kenza Atlas has heard the stories, but she never believed them. She never expected the allure of power or, worse, how far the dark shadows could cast. Genies and wishing are for fairy tales, not teenage girls, and especially not in Omaha.

But when a Moroccan jinn with undulating tattoos and mysterious black eyes whisks her 500 years back in time, she witnesses the death of her powerful ancestor and the gorgeous slave she loved. They sacrificed themselves to escape the Caliph, a tyrant named Mazin.

And now he’s after Kenza.

He’s tracked her to her present time. Now she spends her days stealing paranoid glances over her shoulder, obsessing over a slave who died hundreds of years ago, and praying her family will survive.

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A Power She Longed For, A Darkness She Never Expected

You people. You think you're so special because you were born into a century with technology. But what is technology? It's nothing compared to magic. Yes, I said it. I know you don't believe in it. That's okay. You don't have to, not yet. But you will...Who am I to make such claims? I am what you people like to refer to as a "genie". Please, for once, get it right. The word is not genie; it is jinn. And I'm not just any jinn. I am THE jinn. My name is Mazin and I was born in the year 1499 in the glorious country of Morocco.

I know what you're thinking. You can capture me, own me, make frivolously stupid insignificant human wishes and I will grant them without question. Well, you've never been more wrong, deadly wrong. I am a free jinn and I have a purpose.  You see, I am hunting someone. I am in pursuit of a girl who was born in my time. She was born with the gift of magic. I should have been the one born with this power, not her. What's worse... she wasted all her wishes on her pathetic bleeding heart: grain for the poor, knowledge for the weak, relief for those in pain. But I put an end to her madness. I stole her magic - most of it anyway. I even tried to kill her, but I should have known she'd run like a frightened puppy.

She escaped, reincarnated into someone in your timeline that goes by the name of Kenza Atlas. Perhaps you've seen her? I promise you, finding her is a worthy cause. Finding her will give me 10x the power I now have and I'll even give you some of it...

Don't you know I can read your mind? Your suggestion makes me laugh. You want me to share half of my magic in return for helping me. Never! But I will give you a drop and your life will deliver you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.

What's that you say? Where should you look? I hate that you want me to do all the thinking, but I understand. You're only human. I'd suggest you find out as much as you can about the girl. I whispered our story into the ear of an author named E.B. Tatby so she wrote a book called "I Wish". I shared our story with her so that she could help make Kenza Atlas known to the world, but who would have thought that E.B. Tatby would twist my words and make Kenza the protagonist? Still, "I Wish" serves my cause. After all, it's impossible-even for a magical being-to hide if she is famous.

About the Author
E.B. Tatby was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa. She is living her life-long dream of being an Author and is passionate about inspiring others (especially teens) to follow their dreams. Above all, she wants to remind them of the power to wish.

I Wish, a YA story, is her first published novel. She is currently working on a sequel.

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