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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway - Skinshifter by Alycia Christine

Author: Alycia Christine

Book Description:
Skinshifters are a curse. The Asheken deadwalkers proved that fact when they used skinshifters to spy against the Sylvan races during the Second War of Ages. Now, after three centuries of peace, the deadwalkers have found a secret way back onto the Sylvan Continent and this time they seek not just to conquer their enemies, but to enslave them body and soul.

When the Feliconas Clan suffers the deadwalkers’ first raid, one werecat—a skinshifter who has concealed her abilities—survives the massacre. Even as Katja struggles with her grief and guilt over her murdered kin, she must unite with other Sylvan refugees to defeat the deadwalkers before they can butcher and defile the other races. But can this skinshifter trust her newfound allies or will their secrets prove even more treacherous than her own?

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Praises for Skinshifter
“As involved as it is vividly eloquent, Alycia Christine’s Skinshifter…is fueled by engagingly twisted fantasy elements, vivid imagery, appealing characters, rousing adventure and terse storytelling.” –Bestsellers World

“Action is well done, tension is wonderfully detailed and maintained throughout, and fantasy readers will find in Katja an appealing, believable character whose quest and concerns drive a story line that is vivid, accessible, and involving.” –D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


The leader winced as she examined Katja’s raw feet. “As deep as the wounds are, it will take some weeks for this to heal completely. I’m afraid you won’t be able to have full use of your feet until then. I’m amazed that you haven’t fainted yet from blood loss.”

Katja grimaced. “I can tolerate much pain if the need is great enough.”

“So I see.”

She called over two of the dryads and instructed them to gather dittany root, lion’s paw, garlic, aloe vera, lemon verbena, and daisies, as well as some plants that Katja did not know. While they hurried off to complete their task, the dryad went to the base of the tree-den to retrieve fresh linen cloth, which she tore into strips and lay on the loam beside Katja. She wet a piece in the cool clear pond water and began gently washing debris out of the gashes. Lauraisha, all the while, knelt beside Katja and the dryad, watching the process with fascination.

“Do you use garlic to fight any infection?” Lauraisha asked.

“Yes, as well as daisies and spore nettle to help draw out any remaining toxins and numb the pain,” the dryad responded as she began to mix some of the ingredients just handed to her by the two now-panting dryads.

She made swift work of crushing the leaves together between two flat grinding stones before amassing them in a provided wooden bowl and adding water to create a poultice. “You’ve knowledge of plants. That is odd for a human.”

“One of my brothers is adept at the cooking and healing arts. Much of what I know I learned from him.”

“I see.”

“May I be so bold as to inquire your name and rank among the Glen Folk?”

“You may. I am Zahra Zahlathrazel and I am well known among my kind for my skillfulness as a warrior and my kinship to our Queen Mother, Zahlathra,” she replied while applying the poultice and binding Katja’s feet.

Katja meanwhile felt a tingling sensation overwhelm her body. She looked wildly at the sky and saw no moon. It must have already set!

“Not so tight!” Katja reached toward Zahra as she tied the bandage. Her body convulsed, throwing her back against the moss as she felt the transformation take her. She screamed as her fangs and claws pushed through the melding skin of her mouth and hands.

She heard startled shouts as Lauraisha and Zahra both jumped clear and the dryads circled her with weapons drawn.

“No! No! Leave her be!” Lauraisha cried. “She can’t help it.”

“A skinshifter,” Zahra murmured in awe. She motioned sharply to the others. The dryads all gave the werecat a wide birth, but kept their weapons at the ready. Katja lay writhing on the ground in their midst, crying in pain and humiliation. Her skin itched and prickled as the golden fur regrew. Her hands and feet felt like liquid fire as the bones flowed back into their usual form. Her jaw realigned while the soles of her four paws toughened—causing tremendous pain as the back paws’ calloused pads grew around her open wounds. Her normal senses flooded back to her, leaving her mind overwhelmed as the last changes to her lion-like face took place. When it was finished, Katja lay face-down whimpering upon the ground—her breath coming in uneven gasps between her sobs.

“Katja?” Lauraisha’s tentative voice was filled with apprehension.

The werecat didn’t answer, but concentrated on trying to control her tears and breathing.


The werecat clenched her fangs and clamped her eyes shut as the last aches of her body slowly faded. She tried to push herself up and only managed to lift her head. She stared at Lauraisha long enough to say, “I’m all right,” before she felt her head hit the ground and the world go black.

About the Author
Alycia Christine grew up near the dusty cotton fields of Lubbock, Texas. She fell in love with fantasy and science fiction stories when her father first read Gordon R. Dickson’s THE DRAGON AND THE GEORGE and Robert A. Heinlein’s HAVE SPACESUIT—WILL TRAVEL to her at age ten. Her love-affair with fiction deepened when Alycia took a creative writing course while attending Texas A&M University. After that class, she was hooked as a writer for life. Her subsequent B.S. degree in agricultural journalism not only helped to hone Alycia’s skills with a pen, but also with a camera. Today she uses her skills as a photographer to capture the beauty of the world around her and add additional perspective to her fiction and nonfiction writing. Find her at

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