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Blog Tour Spotlight & Giveaway - Everything For Love by Marilyn Vix

Everything For Love
Time Rogues
Books 1
Marilyn Vix
Genre: Time Travel/Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Shadowcat Publishing
Date of Publication: Jan. 30, 2017
Word Count: 65K
Cover Artist: James at

Book Description:
A “Time Traveler’s Wife” meets “Outlander”

Deidre Thompson is a timeanaut studying artists in the early 20th Century powering her time device by sex. A mysterious stranger follows her from Paris 1899 to London 1914. He saves her life which changes the timeline.

The man, Max, reveals he's been sent by the Time Counsel to save her. Max helps Deidre on the assignment. But he is secretly in love with her, and defied the Time Counsel to save her.

The timeline change brings Deidre's past love back to life, and she must choose between them.

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Deidre climbed the stairs to his loft and rang the bell. The door slid open. Inside, he was waiting.

Strong, young, and handsome, he had brown hair that flowed down to his shoulders that she loved to flip in her fingers. His tan coat was covered with flecks of paint, but was set off with a large, dark blue cravat. He always let his work spoil his clothes. It was his charm. He glowed with a smile when he met her eyes.

“Deidre, my love. What brings you to Montmartre today?”

“You,” she answered as she walked through the doorway, pushing him back toward the bed.

“You are my little vixen,” he said as he removed his cravat with a flick of his wrist.

“Do me a favor? Hurry.”

He grabbed her around the waist, but held up a hand to stall their descent onto the bed. An expert at releasing a woman from frivolous garments, he expertly undid each of her many pearl buttons, slowly, teasing her, as her silk dress began to fall free. One tantalizing kiss followed another as he progressed down her until the dress fell to the floor with a chorus of burgundy silk ruffles. After an admiring gaze, he swung her onto the bed.

She turned to see Philippe looking at her, his eyes focused on her bosoms as they peeked out from the top of the tight corset, swelling with each breath she took. Though she wanted to be free from its confines, she enjoyed teasing him with anticipation. She rolled onto her side, her hair starting to unravel from her pins, watching his reaction as he watched her. She smiled as he descended upon her. “What are you looking at?”

“Something I would love to paint.”

He lowered himself down and kissed her gently with firm lips. She reached for his jaw line, caressing it. Moving his hand down her leg, he slipped his fingers into the top of one stocking and then the other, slowly rolling them down her legs, kissing the insides of her warm thighs as he went. She reached down and pulled on his hair, encouraging him to return. As he rose, he began to unlace her corset, freeing her breasts, exposing her pert nipples. She caressed the front of his chest, feeling the definition, the flatness of his belly. She stopped at his waist, looking up with a smile.

“Should I continue?” she whispered.

About the Author
Marilyn Vix writes fast paced paranormal romances with strong females finding their HEA with hot warlocks, vampires, and time travelers. She currently lives in Northern California with her husband. This is her first full-length novel.

Marilyn is currently working on her first full-length contemporary romance, Saving My Heart and the second book in the Time Rogue series. She has a novella paranormal romance series called Beware of Warlocks with the first book entitled, Never Marry A Warlock.

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