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Blog Tour Guest Post - Wages of Sin by Dave Ewans

Wages of Sin
Author: Dave Ewans
Genre: Epic Fantasy/Science Fiction Dystopia
Length: 475 pages
Release Date: June 10, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1508642459

Book Description:
Retro-cognition is the ability to see events that took place in the past, but in his seventy years of life, Erick Rider has never heard that term applied to what he can do; he doesn’t simply see the past, he reads memories, and along with his adoptive mother—a woman possessed of her own unique gifts—Erick finds himself drawn into a convoluted murder mystery that revolves around the corrupting combinations of power and fear, vengeance and sorrow, hope and resigned despair.

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What inspired the story?

The idea for Wages of Sin came to me in a moment of silly serendipity. Early in my Freshman year of college—eager to be well organized and academically efficient—I purchased an outrageously overpriced date-planner from my college bookstore. On every other page of the planner was an “inspirational” or “motivational” quote, and a few days in, I encountered this Longfellow quote: “If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.” Something about Longfellow’s observation piqued my interest; I wondered if it was true. I began toying with the idea of being able to “read the secret histories” of other people—what would that look like? How would that feel? And ultimately, would such an ability really “disarm hostility”? In that moment, the germ of Erick Rider’s character was planted.
Throughout college and graduate school, I could never find the time to write an entire novel, even though I’d held that ambition since I was a child, but my lack of time didn’t stop the narrative from slowly piecing itself together in my mind. Erick’s character grew and lived in the back of mind for seven years before I began committing his story to paper. I thought about what kind of person he would be, how his ability would shape his behavior. I considered what kind of people he would surround himself with, and what kind of relationships he would form. I nurtured and developed Erick Rider until he was three-dimensional enough to begin living on his own, romping around, having adventures in my dreams and day-dreams.
After earning a Master’s Degree in English Literature, I decided to broaden my horizons, going from earnestly studying books to maybe writing one of my own. When I sat down to write, Erick’s character sprang to life, ready to manifest on paper and have a fully formed adventure.

About the Author
Dave Ewans is an unabashed sci-fi geek and fantasy nerd. Having once walked the path of a literary scholar—earning both a BA and MA in English Literature as well as teaching at the University level—he has redirected his love of books from studying them to writing them. He enjoys presenting and re-presenting sci-fi and fantasy generic mainstays through the eyes and experiences of diverse characters with unorthodox perspectives. Dave is never without at least two canine companions and he is perfectly at home wherever he and his pups are welcomed.

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