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Blog Tour Guest Post - An American Song by Jeffy C. Edie

An American Song
Author: Jeffy C. Edie
Genre: Political Inspirational Fiction
Length: 470 pages
Release Date: May 30, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1511837972

Book Description:
The American Dream is something more than just financial success. What is the real American Dream? A true patriot recognizes the faults in the land they love, and tries to change it for the better, even when opposed by those in power that do not embrace change. “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, does not necessarily mean, the pursuit of money.”

Throughout the history of the wars of the USA, working class American's of faith, for generations, have been called upon to do the real and dangerous work of war in combat. This story is about one of those American working families of faith, and the effects of the wars of the USA on this family through four generations.

The old Irish slogan, “A rich mans war, but a poor mans fight.” still rings true today.

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How My Story Came To Be
by Jeffy C. Edie

The genesis of my novel began in 1972. It was a very dramatic, life-changing year for me. The memories of that year, all the good, and bad things that occurred in 1972, were burned into my memory, and even today the power of the memories of the powerful emotions which overwhelmed me at 18 years old, in 1972, are still fresh in my mind. It was the year my parents divorced after 20 years of marriage, the year the nation lowered the voting age to 18 years old, and the state of Michigan, where I grew up in Kalamazoo, lowered the age of adulthood to 18 years of age.

This meant that you could drink legally, and do all of those other wonderful things that adults do, including going to jail with the "big boys", and no longer to the juvenile detention facility, as before. The reason the state lowered the age of adulthood was because of the popular belief at that time, that if you were old enough to fight in Vietnam at 18, you should be able to vote, and drink.

The us army was drafting 18 year olds, long before the age of adulthood was legally lowered to 18, anyway. Apparently the pentagon, believed that 18 year olds were adults, and old enough to go to war, even if they weren't legally adults yet. I remember how enraged my friends and I were that; anyone whose parents had the money to put their son in college got a draft exemption. The blatant socio-economic class discrimination of this completely unjust military edict still enrages me today. And of course, what would 1972 be without illegal drugs.

I experimented with many illegal drugs but never made a habit of it. After graduating from high school in June 1972, I stopped taking these substances completely, because I was free of the peer pressure in high school to take these drugs. Unfortunately most of my friends did not stop, and many of them began to sell these drugs also. I was ostracized by my old friends, apparently because they couldn't trust me, and were even paranoid of me, fearing that I might "rat" on them to the police, which I never did, and never would. Of course the popular rock music of the early 1970's was far superior to the crap pop music of today, but i am biased.

Music then, played a big part in my life. I was always listening to that great music on my "transistor" radio, or on the "stereo." Music videos were not necessary. If the song was good you listened to it, and if you really liked it, you bought it at the record store.

There were many other big events that happened in 1972. "Bloody Sunday" back in the old country, in Ireland, and other big events. But something else occurred to me personally, which is hard for me to explain. I wrote about it in my novel. To put it simply, i believe it was a "God experience." an infilling of "the Holy Spirit." This occurrence is what burned all of these memories in my mind. The reason that i felt compelled to write about it.

About the Author
Jeffy Edie currently is a new author, currently awaiting production and publication of his first novel, "An American Song" with Ravenswood Publishing.

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