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Blog Tour Interview & Giveaway - Across the Bridge of Ice by Ruth Fox

Across the Bridge of Ice
The Bridges Trilogy
Book Two
Ruth Fox
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Hague Publishing
Date of Publication: 31 January 2015
Number of pages: 175
Word Count: 55,000
Cover Artist: Ruth Fox

Book Description:
In 'The City of Silver Light', Keira Leichman spent the night lost in a wild snowstorm that struck Cassidy Heights. But what really happened that night? Not even Keira can be sure. What she does know is that she's been having strange dreams since the accident, and now she's stuck with a broken ankle and the possibility of never playing soccer again. That is, until she finds Jake's telescope, and is drawn across the Bridge of Ice to Shar.

Now Keira is marooned in the City of Silver Light with Daniel, Jake’s younger brother, with no way to get home. But that is the least of their worries, for the secrets they discover in Shar are more dangerous than Kiera could ever have imagined. And the fate of both their worlds are in their hands.

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Author Interview

1. Tell us a bit about your writing background. How did you get started writing speculative fiction?
I’ve been writing little bits and pieces since I could hold a pen, but I think I started seriously putting down stories when I was 12 years old. My first experience with speculative fiction was probably reading Lirael by Garth Nix (I should have started with Sabriel, I know, since it’s the first book in the series, but I chose Lirael because it was the thicker book which meant it would last longer!) I just loved the idea of writing about our world, but with fantasy elements intertwined in it.

2. Who/What were your earliest influences?
The earliest influence what definitely ‘The Hobbit’. My mum read this to us when we were kids, and I loved it. Later on, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ solidified my love for fantasy, as did the work of Garth Nix! A book called ‘Translations in Celadon’ by Sally Odgers rocked my world. I would also say that Ian Irvine, author of ‘The View From the Mirror’ influenced me greatly – I think I lived in the world of Santhenar for about three years.

3. Did you face any early challenges to finding success in writing?
There are many, many challenges. There is so much competition, and when you get rejection after rejection, it can feel like your work is rubbish, even if it’s not. I think the key is not to give up.

4. What are your favorite books as a reader today? What qualities in them appeal to you?
I love science fiction, fantasy, young adult or adult; I also read romance, contemporary, biographies… basically anything! My favourite books at the moment are ‘The Ship Kings Trilogy’ by Andrew McGahon, another Australian author. This is truly beautiful writing and an incredibly exciting, action-packed storyline!

5. What do you do outside your writing life?
I have several freelance jobs, which include design, illustration, colourising and graphics. Apart from that, I love to cook, go bushwalking, and enjoy the outdoors.

6. What encouragement helped you along the way?
I’ve had several favourable reviews, which is wonderful! I write so that others can enjoy it, so to hear that they like the worlds and characters I’ve created is wonderful.

7. What advice do you have for beginning writers?
Just write! Sit down at your laptop or with a pen and paper and get it down. Don’t worry about editing or fine-tuning – that can come later. Get those ideas down on paper!

8. What's up next for your fans?
I have tons of stuff on the go! I’m working with my husband on a comic series at the moment, which will be released as a trade paperback in the near future. I’ve also created an illustrated book for children, Sand Dog, which has just been picked up by Fuzzy Belly books. I hope you’ll tune in via my website and Facebook page for updates!

9. What has been your biggest compliment?
One reviewer said of Keira: “She is brave, adventurous, strong, feisty, self-possessed, and the way she cared for Daniel was endearing.” I loved that they said this, since that is exactly who Keira is for me!

10. Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans and readers?
Thank you for reading! Seriously. You don’t know how much it means to me to have people out there reading my books!

About the Author 
Ruth completed a Bachelor of Arts/Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing in 2006. Her other published works include “Monster-boy: The Lair of the Grelgoroth”, Book 1 of the Monster-boy Series, and “Sand Dog”, an illustrated picture book for younger readers. Both are available from

Ruth has been an avid reader her entire life and, inspired by the books that engrossed her as she was growing up, she aims to create stories that can draw readers in and enthral them for days or weeks. She writes every day and lives in Ballarat, Victoria, with her partner, her cat, and an ever-expanding library of books.

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5 copies of the eBook, The City of Silver Light, Book 1 in The Bridges Trilogy.

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  1. The Bridges Trilogy sounds great, I would love to read it. Thank you

  2. this looks to be an excellent read and I love the cover!