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Blog Tour Interview - Footballers and Louboutins: The Essex Files (Book One) by Dani K.

Footballers and Louboutins
Author: Dani K.
Genre: Chick Lit/Romance
Length: 218 pages
Release Date: February 1, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1506171173

Book Description:
Footballers and Louboutins follows Belles on her journey through Essex. Belles loves the finer things in life, she loves partying with her girlfriends, her holidays in Marbs and not to mention Christian Louboutins. All girls in Essex in fact love a pair of loubs, Belles believes there’s nothing like a round of cocks (cocktails) with her girlfriends whilst partying in Essex’s elite nightclubs wearing her Louboutins; however her coffee shop assistant boyfriend is worlds apart from her glamorous Essex lifestyle. Everyone around her disproves of him, after all in Essex it is all about the cash and the bling. Will Belle’s coffee shop assistant ever get accepted into her Essex circle of friends? Or will Belle’s be too drawn in to her Essex social life that she doesn’t realise what really makes her happy?

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Interview with Maria

Interview from end of Chapter 3: Maria's POV

Maria, what type of man would you like to see your bestie Tallulah Belles hook up with?

Well duh, someone that’s fit and minted. That’s what all us girls want and Belles is no different. She tries to convince herself she’s in to this Kirk guy but he can’t look after her and she knows it. He hasn’t got the looks, the charm and definitely doesn’t have the money.  Belle’s likes pretty things like all us Essex girls, that’s what makes us happy. She won’t seriously end up with that dumb barista.

So if Belles and Kirk decided to take their relationship to the next step and maybe tie the knot, you wouldn’t approve?

OMG, there’s more chance of me ditching my Loubs and wearing Primarni than Belles marrying Kirk Fletcher and I wouldn’t ditch my Loubs for anyone.  Talking of Loubs, Belles and I are giving them an outing tonight in Faces nightclub so I’m sure I can find My Belles a new hottie.

Ok I get the picture but in hindsight if they did get married, would you attend the wedding?

Of course I would, I’m her BFF for life, we’ve always stuck to our girl code ‘Girlfriends before dickfriends.’ I’d never change that so of course I’d go. And even poor people can afford champagne at their wedding right? I’d make sure Belle’s knew that I wasn’t impressed though. She’ll always know that I’d prefer her to marry money. In my opinion if they’re no wearing Gucci they can do one.

So if you could pick one guy in the world for Belles to date, who would it be?

Someone with high celebrity status like a footballer, every girl in Essex loves a footballer. They earn so much money you could just shop till you drop if you bagged one of them and Belles loves to shop. Obs I’d look after myself first, I mean every time I see Ryan Phillips on the tele I just want to rip his clothes off. He is sex on legs and probably the best looking footballer I’ve ever seen in my life. So once I bagged him then I’d get Belles one of his mates. Any one of them would do.

About the Author 
I am a 28 year old Mum from Essex. I live in a little village called Ashingdon with my Husband, my daughter and my Chihuahua. I have a degree in English from Essex University and I am a Secondary school English teacher. My passion has always been writing and I decided about a year ago that I would fulfil this dream by writing my debut novel. I have spent about a year now writing and perfecting Footballers and Louboutins and I am now just so excited to get it out there. I have a plan to develop this into a series of novels called Essex files. I have already begun writing the follow up novel to Footballers and Louboutins which is called Babies and Louboutins. I really hope you enjoy reading my novel as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I really believe there is a gap in the market for my series of novels which are all about the glamourous life of Essex. Enjoy!

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