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Blog Tour Interview & Giveaway - Garden of Ashes by Kate Cowan

Garden of Ashes
Author: Kate Cowan
Series: The Legend of Eden #2
Release Date: September 1st, 2014
Publisher: Anchor Group

Synopsis via Goodreads:
After four years as a prisoner in her parents' attic, hidden away from the Catchers, Eden never dreamt the very people she was hiding from would be the beginning of such impossible things. She's found freedom on the island like she never imagined.

Eden is a sorcerer, with the power of the world in her fingertips. She is determined to never be helpless like she once was, and spends every minute of her spare time training to fight back. As she discovers more of her own power, she and her friends continue to uncover the secrets of the Council. Deadly secrets, hinting at something far larger than the island and the Catchers. Before they can find out exactly what the Council is hiding, Eden's magic begins to spiral out of control, and she loses it for just a second. Just half of a second, and it's enough to change everything.

Suddenly, lives are put at stake, and Eden and her friends must do something no one else has ever dared. They have to escape the island, or they have to die trying.

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Author Interview

1. Who are your favourite authors of all time?
Usually, I go by the book, not the author. I really love Westerfield and David Clement-Davies, and those are the two exceptions. If we were talking favorite books though, I could go on all day!!

2. If you could travel in a time machine would you go back to the past or into the future?
The past. I could live without the internet, so long as I had some good paperback books. I'm thinking Scotland, 1750-1800.

3. If you could have a signed copy of any novel what would it be and why?
It'd be Harry Potter, of course! I'm in that generation who grew up with HP, had the first movie release on my 11th birthday, and J.K. Rowling's books were always my favorites. I'd love to have a personal signed copy.

4. If you could invite any 5 people to dinner who would you choose?
Yikes, people for dinner? I'm not good at social things! I'd have Amy Lee from the band Evanescence, Ed Sheeran, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and one of the Queen of England's corgis. I'd probably spend all of my time with the dog ;)

5. Have any hidden talents you would like to share?
It's not that hidden, but I'm an artist as well as an author. Just graduated from animation at college, actually! So I know about making 3D stuff and junk. Also, I have a serious knack for forgetting why I entered a room.

6. Do the words come easily most of the time? How do you unblock your writer’s block?
Usually, words come easily enough for me. I've been blocked a few times, and it killed me! Not that words wouldn't come, just that I couldn't make them sound right when they were written down. It was horrible. Usually, I just kept at it, and eventually the block went away. Also, when a certain scene or bit of whatever I'm writing doesn't work for me, I'll put away the keyboard and sketch out the character for a bit. It clears my mind and lets me take a bit of a break.

7. Which character is your favourite and why?
My main character and Adriane, the white-haired island-trained warrior girl, are my favorites. I won't give anything away, but they've both been through so much. I wish I had Adriane's strength, or Eden's passion. Or her magic. Magic is always good to have.

8. When it comes to writing, what are your strong points? What are your weaknesses?
One of my strengths has always been imagery. I'm a very visual thinker, so when I write, it's like seeing a story play out in my head. My weaknesses... jeez. I'm also an artist, like I said, so to my own eyes, my work will never be good enough. Just yesterday I was thinking how I understand why so many great artists do things like stick their head inside an oven, or cut off their own ears. I am forever not good enough for my own judgement, and it's a horrible way to think! I think I have a weakness with male characters, too. Sometimes, I make them one-sided and flat, which is something I really have to work on.

9. What type of books do you enjoy reading?
Anything YA except contemporary. As far as I see it, reality sucks, and I don't want to read about a reality that is the same as this one. I want witches and magic and other worlds!!

10. How long does it take you to write a book?
Depends. Garden of Eden, which was originally Garden of Eden and Garden of Ashes in one book (we split it up for publication), took me 1 month to write, and double that to edit. The third book of the series took 2 months, the 3rd book took 4 months, and the last 3 books took between 8 months and 2 years each, because I was in college when I was writing them. Recently I began a new project, which will probably take 2 months total to complete. I hope!! 

About the Auhor
Kate Cowan is an artist, an animation student, a black belt in karate and now, an author. She didn't discover writing until mid-high school, when she began writing an (unintentionally) hilarious novel involving a teenage girl and a magic necklace. Her current novel series, The Legend of Eden, began as a story of Arthurian magic, but quickly transformed into something much different.

Kate currently lives in Ontario, Canada, in a zoo of a house. When she isn't writing, she's drawing, cooking, or browsing the Internet for new music.

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  1. Great interview. Thanks for participating.

  2. Amy lee and Ed Sheeran over for dinner? Yes please, I will attend right away with this author! I also think I would travel back to the past.