Wednesday 10 September 2014

Blog Tour Dream Cast & Giveaway - Exo by Steven Gould

by Steven Gould

Cent can teleport. So can her parents, but they are the only people in the world who can. This is not as great as you might think it would be — sure, you can go shopping in Japan and then have tea in London, but it’s hard to keep a secret like that. And there are people, dangerous people, who work for governments and have guns, who want to make you do just this one thing for them. And when you’re a teenage girl things get even more complicated. High school. Boys. Global climate change, refugees, and genocide. Orbital mechanics.

But Cent isn’t easily daunted, and neither are Davy and Millie, her parents. She’s going to make some changes in the world.

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Martin Freeman as Davy Rice (in EXO) Davy is personable but a bit geeky. Not the sort of person you’d look at and think “Action Hero.” Loving husband and father with a bit of PTSD and major-league paranoia.

Laura Linney as Millicent (Millie) Rice. Attractive, grounded, ex-family therapist, mother, teleport. Reasonable right up to the point her husband or daughter are endangered. Then Davy plays good cop and she plays insanely, scary cop.

Ellen Page as Millicent (Cent) Rice. Bit of a tomboy, scary smart, tries to be socially outgoing while hiding intense insecurity. Typical bright teen (if that teen has been raised by a paranoid ptsd victims, could teleport, and had her own space program.)

About the Author
STEVEN GOULD is the author of Jumper, Wildside, Helm, Blind Waves, Reflex, and Jumper: Griffin’s Story, as well as many short stories. He is the recipient of the Hal Clement Young Adult Award for Science Fiction and has been nominated for both the Hugo and the Nebula Awards. Gould lives in New Mexico with his wife, writer Laura J. Mixon, and their two daughters.

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  1. Scariest: being abducted by aliens (frightening because it felt *so real*). Most frequently recurring: being trapped in a falling elevator.

  2. Ellen Page is a little old, don't you think?

    1. I think my scariest dream has been trying to communicate to my loved ones but they couldn't hear me.

  3. Scariest: When I was pregnant I had a dream that my whole family was being chanced by a serial killer, and he caught up with us and as I was trying to get away he though a bucket of ground up body parts at me... It was crazy...

  4. I have suffer insomnia, so I take meds to help me sleep, which means, I don't know what I dream most of the time.