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Blog Tour Interview & Giveaway - Infinitude by Ruchi Banerjee

by Ruchi Banerjee
Genre: YA Dystopian / Romance
Publisher: Hachette

Book Summary:
The year is 2173. Humans are a near-extinct group herded together in protected sectors. Mira, a regular, self-absorbed, 16-year-old pimple buster, resident of Sector 51, has no clue how drastically her life is about to change when she accompanies her mother on a research project to a distant tropical jungle.

There, Mira discovers a tall, super-intelligent and rather good-looking boy called Neel, who introduces her to a whole new world of mysterious possibilities. But before she can even begin to understand her feelings for him, things take a nightmarish turn…Carnivorous mutants are on the prowl. A deadly new breed of the forest, they have Mira trapped. Rescued by unlikely saviors, she finally learns the ugly truth of her world. Now, Mira must fight not only for her own life but also for humanity itself as she is pitted against a far stronger, smarter and more evolved enemy. Her only hope lies in Neel. But will he be able to overcome the overwhelming odds against them? Will this be the end of the human race?

With electrifying action and forbidden love, Infinitude is the riveting story of two young lives caught in a deadly clash of civilizations.

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Author Interview

1. Tell a little about yourself. What you do when you’re not writing? What are your aspirations for the future?

With a bursting TBR pile and an easily bored five-year-old, I have little time left for anything else. So when I’m not writing, I usually read. I read everything from dystopian to new adult to classics.

2. When and why did you start writing?

I started writing about four years back when I felt I was ready to put something down. I’d always dreamt of penning down something but I just wasn’t sure about the genre. A chance reading of Battle Royale finally helped me to pin it down to dystopia.

3. Have any particular novels or writers influenced your writing?

Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman are my favorite authors. I think their books are all about an adventurous escape from reality. About an alternate universe that exists just under the boring lives we lead.

4. Give us some backstory behind Infinitude. Where and when did you write it?

I wrote Infinitude about two years back in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My visit to a nearby tropical island inspired me to set the first half of Infinitude in the Amazon. The idea about the second half (about the floating cities) came from one of my son’s paintings.

5. What was your favourite part of writing Infinitude?

When you’re writing a dystopia you have to create this whole different world, think of edgy, futuristic technologies and the effect they would have on the main characters. I find this whole process very fascinating to imagine and develop.

6. What does your writing schedule look like?

I usually write in the mornings and late at night. I find that writing in the night is a much more enjoyable experience. That’s the only time you can be truly alone with your thoughts.

7. Which fictional character would you like to take to dinner and why?

Gandalf. To borrow his staff.

8. Besides your lead, do you have a favourite character in the story?

Lek. The villain of the piece. A tyrannical maniac but still an iconic leader and visionary.

9. What is one of the most surprising things you've learned as a writer?

It takes months to write a novel and years to edit it right.

10. Any advice for aspiring authors?

Keep writing.  Stay true to yourself and don’t worry about what other people think of your work.

Excerpt from Infinitude

“My body stilled as my eyes tagged the dark silhouette covering the doorway. The stranger was a few feet taller than me. His shaved head sloping into distinct ear lobes, a thick neck and broad masculine shoulders. I tilted my head up, to catch a glimpse of his face but it was completely shrouded in the dark. Maybe he realized my predicament because right then he stepped closer.

I instinctively stepped back. My heart skipped a beat as I stared at the face now swathed in moonlight. Massive brow, sparse eyebrows, deep-seated eyes, a broken aquiline nose and a ruddy jaw. Everything was a bit disproportionate. It was not a handsome or even a cute face. It was...menacing. A face you would run away from in a dark alley. But then, there was something there that would make you look back. Just once. Just to be sure.”

About the Author
Ruchi Banerjee was born in 1978 and still continues to thrive. Ever since she first met Francine (the protagonist of her favourite novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn), Ruchi fell in love with the written word. At present, Ruchi lives in Brazil, speaks decent, if not quite fluent, Portuguese and really hates talking about herself in third person. This is her first novel.

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