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Blog Tour Interview & Giveaway - Fall From Grace: The Scribing of Ishitar by Carrie F. Shepherd

Fall From Grace: The Scribing of Ishitar
Author: Carrie F. Shepherd
Genre: Epic Fantasy Adventure
Length: 490 pages
Release Date: April 2014
ISBN-13: 978-0692023419
Imprint: Mythos Press

Ishitar is born on the cusp of a great war between the two ruling Gods of the Heavens and Hells Realms. With his father in control of a repressive society and his mother fighting for free will for all, he believes the game that they play to be just that: a game. Little does he know that the players that he sees are not necessarily the ones who will influence the outcome.

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Character Interview with Loki

Scratching the Surface...

1. What is your name? 

Apprentice Lord Loki.  I don’t have a surname.  Or if I do, I never learned it.  Anyway, it really doesn’t matter if I do.  I shall always think of myself as born of the line of Dilthrop.

2. Why were you given that name? 

Now that’s a damn good question.  I never knew either of my parents and my adoptive father hadn’t the barest clue.

3. Is there a nickname you’re known by? Do you prefer it? 
Oh yes.  Each one of my geese have given me a special name known only to her.  Whichever I’m with, I prefer her name for me in that moment.

4. What is your birth date and current age? 
Too many suns have crossed the arc of the sky for me to count.

5. What, if anything, does your zodiac sign mean to you? 
Well, on the world known as earth, you would say it was Aquarius.  On the world where I was birthed, the suns were shaped slightly different but formed the same creature, but in masculine form.  My people lived among the merfolk, though above the surface of the sea.  They named him after their God, Merrick.  As for its meaning to me?  I really don’t put much stock into such nonsense.

6. What is your height, weight and build?
10 and a half . . . oh—wait.  Ha!  Taller than Lucias, shorter than Noliminan.  Never weighed myself, but the geese tell me I’m built like a stallion ready to stud.
7. What is your hair color and style, eye color, and skin tone? 
Dark brown hair, purple eyes, bronze skin.

8. Do you have any scars, tattoos, or piercings? What do they mean to you? 
Only the scratches the goose I spent last night with raked across my back.

9. Speaking of, you do seem to have a knack with the ladies.  Aside your nymph blood, what do you think draws them to you?
I’m not really sure how to answer that question.  Every woman that comes to me does so for a different reason.  A husband that ignores her.  A boost from low self-esteem.  Loneliness.  But let us not forget how irresistibly charming I am.  To be honest, I truly don’t pay too much stock in their reasoning.  If I can make them forget their troubles, even for a short time, it isn’t very much my business what brought them to my bed.

10. Do you love any of them?  Or are you just with them for the sex?
I love each and every one of them.  In varying degrees and for different reasons, but yes.  I do love them.   

11. Aside from the obvious answer, are there any that you’ve actually fallen “in love” with?
Theasis.  She was my first lover and I fell hard for her.  I knew we’d never fit together romantically—not for very long, by any oar’s row.  But yes, if I had to say I ever fell in love with someone I classify as my goose, it is most definitely is Thea.  Other than that?  No.  

12. Switching subjects, how much pride do you take in your appearance? 
Extreme.  I have a certain reputation to protect.

13. How do you feel about your appearance? Favorite / most hated features?
LOL!  What do you think?!  My favorite feature is my goatee.  Although I was born a nymph, I was raised by centaurs.  I had to earn the right to wear my goatee by completing all of the trials and tests that every colt in my herd must pass before he’s considered a stallion.  

14. What is your preferred style of clothing to wear? 
It depends on which one of my geese I intend to visit that day.  Women are so damned particular about the things that please them when it comes to their men.

15. What is your preferred style of clothing for the opposite sex? 
As long as there is a trail of it along the floor to wherever we end up together?  I’m pretty much set with whatever she was wearing before I took it off of her.

16. Do you have a personal scent (perfume or cologne)? If yes, what? 
My scent changes to please the people around me.  I smell different to everyone.  Whatever entices them the most, that’s how I smell.

17. Who are your parents? 
My biological mother was a nymph; my biological father was a merman.  As I said, I’ve never met either of them.  There have been suggestions that Lord Merrick—the God who governs the merfolk—was my father, but no one has come right out and admitted it to me.  I tend to believe that’s the case, however, because, otherwise, I wouldn’t have become a God, myself, when my mortal veil was lifted. As to who my “parent” was, that was Chiron Dilthrop, the stallion who took me in when my mother abandoned me.

18. Do you have any siblings? If so, what are their names and ages?
I have no idea.  My biological mother is, after all, a nymph.

19. Who has been your greatest influence (parent, friend, and idol)? Why? 
I wouldn’t call my greatest influence a parent, friend or idol.  I hate to admit it because I loathe the carvetek mouk, but I’ll drop my pride for a moment and confess that it has been Noliminan.  I despise every action, thought and word that comes from him.  But I also understand the strength of his power is far greater than mine.  What he’s taught me over the years is the value of holding my tongue if I have a smart ass comeback when it’s wiser to keep my remarks to myself. 

20. With that being said, there is no question that you are extremely bold.  Your boldness ends up getting you hurt.  Will you share a situation where you think you should have held your tongue but did not?
Where do I start?  Honestly, the times I wish I would have held my tongue resulted in other people getting hurt.  Not me.  Sure, I’ve had my fair share of punishments from Noliminan, but I brought them upon myself.  And it isn’t really anything I said that I regret the most, but my actions.  To be frank, the one time I wish I would have held back from giving into my true nature was when Raguel came to me seeking comfort.  In the end, it was the fact that I took her into my bed that brought about her death.

21. When you found out that she was gone, did you know that it was her admittance that you and she had been together that caused her death?
I had no idea.  Like everyone else, I thought she was a casualty of the rebellion.  As time has passed. . . Well.  Let’s move on, shall we?

22. Of course.  Where do you currently live (town, neighborhood, or locale)? Do you like it? 
After Lucias was exiled I was left to govern the punishments over the damned.  Thus, I still live in the apartment where my apprenticeship took place.  It’s located on the thirteenth level of the Hells.  Do I like it?  Of course.  It’s been home to me for far too many years for me to count.  I have memories there—good and bad—that haunt me in every corner of every room.  Would I like to return to the carefree days of my youth, when I lived in the forest with my herd?  Most definitely.  Given that isn’t an option, however, I’m content to stay where I am.  For now.

23. Do you have any pets?
Do the damned souls in the basement count? 

24. If you want them to.  What, exactly is your current role where they are concerned?  Are you still considered an apprentice?  Or did your status change when Lucias was exiled?
My title hasn’t changed.  Probably never will.  Noliminan thinks that by calling me an apprentice he’s keeping me in my place.  As for my role, when Lucias was exiled I took over punishing the souls that Azrael deposits into the basement.  

25. How do you feel about this role?
I don’t have the stomach Lucias had for it, but after all of these years I also realize that if they are there it isn’t due to petty sins.  Since the concept of reincarnation came into play, Azrael only delivers those souls whose acts are truly unredeemable into my care.  After reading the list of sins committed that he leaves for me on their cages after they are delivered, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that there’s nothing I can do to them that they don’t, rightfully, deserve.

26. On another note, what would you say is your greatest talent?
There is a reason that I’m famous for my beard.  Just ask any one of my geese and I’m sure she’ll be happy to share.

27. Moving on!  What are you the most hopeless at? 
Standing up to Lucias.  Sometimes, I understand that actions taken by that worthy are fundamentally wrong.  But, given Lucias is who Lucias is, my ability to contradict and my anger toward certain actions fade away over the course of time. 

28. Do you have any hobbies? Why are they important to you? 
My herd has a unique version of polo that they play.  Of course, being I’m a two leg, I always lost and, as a result, was the last colt picked for either team.  But I loved playing it with them.  It was one of the ways that they integrated me into the herd when they, very easily, could have rejected me.  I visit the herd from time to time to join the stallions at this type of play.  Of course, I’m still the last picked by either team.  

29. Whom would you contact first to share good news? 
Funnily enough it isn’t either Lucias or Aiken.  It’s Samyael.  I will never be Lucias’ equal and Aiken and I, although he is my best friend, have a rather guarded relationship because of his feelings for me.  I’m simply not comfortable with the type of comfort he can provide.  Sam and I have become extremely close with one another over the years and I have learned that I can tell him anything and he will neither judge nor betray me.   Frankly, at this point, I consider him as one of my sons.

30. What is your relationship status at the start of the story?
With Sam?  I didn’t want a demon.  I was forced to find him by Lucias because the war demanded it.  But when I did, I saw the wisdom in that decision and we have been fast friends ever since.

31. What is your worst habit / vice?
Curiosity.  Definitely, it’s curiosity.  What, exactly, is the information buried within the forbidden tomes and how do I break their code?

32. Do you believe you’ll ever crack that code?
I’ll certainly go to whatever fate befalls me trying.

33. I know how valuable your time is, but I have one last question before I let you go.  What, exactly, do Ishitar’s pies taste like?  
Like nothing I can describe.  Tastier than the freshly washed flesh of a woman’s neck.

About the Author
Carrie F. Shepherd grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. Raised outside of the predominating religion, she sought answers of her own. Fascinated by the mythology of the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, she delved into the old stories and meshed them with the new to create a fascinating world of good versus evil.

When not immersed in the world of the Gods, Carrie's full time job is in Regulatory Compliance. During her time off she enjoys hiking on cooler days or, when the weather permits, hanging out with friends and family by the pool.

Carrie now lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado with her fourteen year old daughter, her dogs (Commander Jon Snow and Sir Buns McGee of Bratwurst) and her cat (Blizzardfur).

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