Wednesday 4 June 2014

Author Spotlight - E_girl7 {Wattpad}

Night Cookies
Author: e_girl7
Genre: Romance / Short Story

Wattpad Book Blurb:
in the darkness, there was no difference in them. no separation. and all their time came in the form of chocolate chip cookies. once gone, always gone. just like the cookies.
but in all their nights, they are going to experience more than they ever could in brightness. that's the power of riley and lucas's l-o-v-e-s-o-n-g.

{lowercase intended}

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Excerpt from Night Cookies

lee: i don't understand.
luke: what do you not. get.
lee: nothing. just like. everything. and no. thing. i don't really know. it confuses me. 
luke: okay. can you. explain. your. theory.
lee: revelation. of. people. is complicated. just like how. i. will never. comprehend. that idea.
lee: and the fact. that people are afraid. scared. of what might happen. if their real. self. is revealed.
lee: it just. shows. so much. of human's true. personality. their fears. their habitual concerns. 
luke: it makes sense. i understand. your point.
lee: i understand yours too, lucas. it's just complicated. 
luke: well. what in the world isn't?
lee: nothing, lucas. but everything. 

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