Tuesday 11 June 2013

BOTW - Secrecy - Book 1: Curse

Secrecy - Book 1: Curse

Teen Fantasy

Book Blurb from Wattpad:

When a young royal finds himself falling for the woman forbidden to him by his people, he breaks all convention to pursue her. Aiden, a newer king, gives his heart to a witch known as White Fay, and marries her despite his kingdom's wishes. Legend has it that mortals and witches can't conceive, but despite all the odds, Aiden and White Fay bring a young girl, Emily, into the world. But their bundle of joy brings forth a life changing backlash from the monarchy. The witch bloodline is nearly wiped out entirely, and the little girl disappears into obscurity, for a time.

Many years later Emily resurfaces, alone, unaware of her parent's identity, and cursed to live life as a wolf in the Dark Forest. Emily's curse only allows her to turn human for a short span of time. When she encounters a young man from the outside world who offers to help her find her parents, she takes him up on the offer. Will she be able to re-connect with her parents and find out the story behind their disappearance? And if she does, will she be prepared for the truth behind why they abandoned her?

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