Tuesday 25 June 2013

BOTW - Death Has A Face

Death Has A Face

Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Book Blurb from Wattpad:

13th of June, 2013-7:13pm-54th day of the Apocalypse

“I thought the military would come by now or some transmission telling us we’re safe. Am I really that stupid? The dead have risen and have eaten half of the population. There is no military, no police, no anything, just dead. But the dead aren’t as bad as the living. With the dead you know what will happen, they will bite, chew and swallow your flesh until there is nothing left but your bones, but the living? They are unpredictable. Hell, I could be sitting with a bunch of traitors that would push me to a crowd of wanderers and watch me getting eaten alive.

Sigh. Why am I even doing this? Why I am writing my thoughts down on a cheap notepad? Is it because deep down I think this will just be history? No, it’s something I will live everyday. I’ve been giving myself false hope...but I won’t stop! The dead have done one thing right. They have convinced me to live.”

As a handful of very different teenagers are forced to work together to survive, they have to make the hardest choices they have ever made in their entire life. You never know who will put a barrel of a gun right between your eyes and blow your brains out.

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