Tuesday 28 May 2013

BOTW - In The Eyes Of Love

In The Eyes Of Love

Teen Fantasy

Book Blurb from Wattpad:

I was a girl trapped in a life I hated. Being able to see who was destined to be together I sometimes felt like cupid but the funny thing is some of the things I can do cupid would probably dream of doing plus you would never see me in a diaper. I never knew why I was put on this world with this ability. Well that was until the day my family moved and I met him. That is when everything seemed to start making sense and I understood why I was given this ability.

Christel Kinley is a witch. A few days before her 18th birthday she hears a voice in her head that tells her 'On your 18th birthday you will be a werewolf too'. She is  shocked because her mom is a witch and her dad a werewolf. She has always felt like an outcast before she moved to her grandpas pack so her dad could take over since her grandpa was finally stepping down. When she gets there she connects really fast with Abigail Winston the packs outcast.  They become really close and even find mates in the same pack. Abigail was rejected by Christel's dads soon to be betas son. That is till Abby finally gets her confidence to fully reject David. The thing is their mates are in a different pack that is staying on her grandpa's territory. Christel soon finds out that her grandpa isn't the man she thought he was.

Hunter Daniels was waiting for his mate. He knew she would come one day but he wasn't ready to go searching. When he meets Christel she is trying to help Abby get over the fear that she will be rejected by his second beta. Soon things start to happen when her grandpa finds out they are not mated to anyone from his pack.

Christel has lots of choices to make to help save those she loves and has come to love. But anything is possible in The Eyes Of Love.

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