Tuesday 28 May 2013

BOTW - He Showed Me Colors

He Showed Me Colors

Teen Romance

Book Blurb from Wattpad:

We don't need eyes to see the world, it just need a heart and soul to praise the beauty of anything.

Trust is never seen, its always felt. You cannot see love, you feel it.

" I have always heard people bragging about the color of the dress they wear, their nail paint, matching clothes, matching shoes and so on. But they really don't know the value of these colors; they don't understand how they could be important for someone. They reject things on the basis of color. They can also reject a person who loves them if they don't look beautiful. But in truth, do they really know what the word beautiful really means?"

This is what a blind girl Annabel "Annie" thinks. Accompany her in the journey of life. I promise, it will not be a waste of time.

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